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Yuki Sorci, the Japanese hurricane who packs a punch as an MMA fighter and model

Passionate to excel in distinct fields, he’s built a career which also includes heading ‘Evolife Apparel’, as its CEO.

The world has enough talents who have proved themselves by excelling in every field they have zeroed on to make their careers. A few have managed to handle multiple careers with much success, to the surprise of all. These few individuals have not only worked to become a raging success in their professional lives, but have even exceeded their own expectations when it comes to their personal lives or pursuing their passion other than achieving career goals. Sports is one space where many have excelled, and at the same time these fine athletes have gone ahead to built their own empires or head businesses by attaining a higher post in any respective industries they have led. One such name who has made it big in the world of Mixed Martial Arts, simultaneously building his career as a model and a professional leading a sports apparel company, is Yuki Sorci.

This 29-year-old young achiever hails from Japan, who spent half his growing years in the US and the rest in Tokyo. From his young age, he was passionate to excel in whichever stream he chose and worked diligently towards achieving his targets. The uniqueness in his attitude which aimed at achieving the stars made him stay ahead of all right from his educative years. Growing up saw him getting drawn towards bodybuilding and MMA, which made him concentrate on building a fine physique for himself, which is evident with the way his personality is today. Yuki says that he has always focussed on building up a fine career, be it as an MMA fighter, model or CEO of a well established sports apparel brand ‘Evolife Apparel (

Apart from leading successful multiple careers, he’s also a rage on YouTube as his channel ‘YSorci Fitness’, has a humongous fan following, which makes him no less than a successful social media star. His Instagram also has a great following as he’s a fitness icon representing Olympus Labs. Having won several professional competitions, which included winning the USBB All Japan Physique category, he’s come a long way from where he began.

To know more about him, follow his Instagram: @aesthetic_ys.