Youth Wellness & Behavioral Healthcare: In-Person & Virtual Programs Announced

curaJOY’s new initiatives include in-person youth mentorship programs and a multilingual behavioral healthcare app that is accessible to children and their families regardless of their background or income.

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With the announcement, curaJOY aims to draw attention to the effect that the pandemic has had on many families. More than 55% of children reported being emotionally abused during the pandemic, and teen suicide rates have risen to historic highs since, says the organization. The mental health crisis has disproportionately affected neurodivergent children and children of color, as behavioral healthcare inequity often bars members of these demographics from accessing the care that they need.

A 2022 survey conducted worldwide by curaJOY found that more than 90% of the youth respondents in North America, South America, and Greater China wished their parents paid more attention to their emotional wellness. However, curaJOY also acknowledges that certain cultural beliefs and educational backgrounds can contribute to a lack of awareness of mental health issues, which can result in parents failing to recognize early warning signs.

To combat the mental health crisis, curaJOY has begun conducting weekly in-person youth mentorship programs in its Escondido and Carlsbad locations. These programs are geared towards high school students who struggle with social-emotional skills, and are led by licensed professionals in acceptance-commitment therapy and applied behavior analysis. Participating students will be able to develop emotional regulation and social skills through hands-on projects that include content creation and front-end coding.

curaJOY has also created Quest Depot, a digital emotional wellness and behavioral health app that is intended for all ages. This app was designed with the aim of making behavioral healthcare accessible to struggling demographics worldwide and takes a more holistic, relationship-focused approach to emotional learning than conventional therapy. Using evidence-based methods, content created by certified psychologists, and human-supervised AI-enhanced technology to remember and build on what users have said in the past, Quest Depot can deliver personalized emotional support to entire families, allowing them to identify toxic interaction patterns and address the root causes of behavior issues.

By launching these programs, curaJOY remains committed to providing accessible behavioral and mental health care to families worldwide. The organization is based in Escondido, and its team consists of leading experts in education, psychology, technology, and healthcare.

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