26 year old Bermudan Marquis Caines released a game changing book that seeks to thrust financially struggling people into becoming successful investors through four main pillars

Marquis Caines, a 26 year old Bermudan will be launching his first book June 9th, 2021. The book will be available worldwide for purchase at The book titled “The Game Plan” was written to hand key tools to those struggling financially to move towards success. The motivation for this book relies on Marquis’ struggles and how he overcame them.

“The Game Plan” is the first book ever written by the young entrepreneur. Throughout his life, he has faced challenges that later sparked the fire to get the book written to help and motivate similar struggling people. In 2016 -when Marquis was 21 years old, he was having a tough time trying to find a job in his home country, Bermuda. After landing his first job as a hotel assistant. His goal was to make the most out of every paycheck and channel them into an investment account.

While working as a hotel assistant, the pressure to keep himself together while sustaining his performance to collect the paycheck at the end of the month was so toxic, so tremendous, that he had to resign.

Back to square one, he found himself desperately looking for a job. Applying to countless positions and hearing “I’m sorry, but you are overqualified…” and at the same time, “I’m sorry, but you are underqualified…” he felt lost. He felt hopeless. The job landscape in Bermuda is exceptionally unleveled for those who are not doctors, lawyers, or accountants. Your resume goes straight to the bottom pile. But he never gave up.

Two months later, he remembered the investments account he had opened. To his surprise, after checking it, he found out his portfolio had tripled. Marquis made an entire yearly salary in just under a month. He was ecstatic

Later -still 2016, 90% of his entire portfolio was wiped out in a black swan market crash. Skillfully and patiently, Marquis kept his mind together and managed to regain his initial investment. Plus, a solid profit. Once again. His resilient attitude, the path he walked, and the profound desire for financial freedom ignited his fire to become an entrepreneur as well as helping others by sharing how he overcame setbacks.

Besides telling his story to others that are currently struggling with life’s hardships, his book can help find inspiration. The book outlines a financial plan to push everyone to become independent from traditional monthly paychecks. It is based on four core principles:

1.         Growing your wealth: Change habits to create wealth with your current resources.

2.         Acquiring new assets: Detect current liabilities that might be holding you down.

3.         Managing debt: Not all debt is bad. But there is bad debt, and you have to manage it.

4.         Expanding your mindset: Face your problems, overcome them, and you will have no roof.

His message to others is that changing your life through investing is real: “Starting small is starting strong, the most important thing is to start. Your capital will compound over time”. He ensures that by learning the game, anyone can learn to play it and, therefore, financially succeed. That everyone deserves to be financially free. Marquis is certain that by applying “at least one of the strategies I have written in the book. You will achieve financial freedom. Nothing comes easy in life, but if you work hard for it, you’ll get it”.

“Learn the game. Play the game. Win the game.”

Marquis Caines: Marquis Caines is a young entrepreneur, investor, motivational and financial book author born, raised, and currently living in Bermuda. Based on his personal life story and past struggles, he developed a life-changing book that seeks to inspire other people that might be struggling through similar issues, to get a hold of their lives towards success and improvement.

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