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The XRP Army Not So Random Act of Kindness Team was able to provide a child with a life changing procedure for cleft palate. This was a Community effort and demonstrated how a group of people working collaboratively could make a difference in the life a child.

The project was initiated by a group from the XRP Army Community. The premise was to provide a meaningful charity with a donation to help one child. Operation Smile was chosen due to all the great work their organization does in helping to provide a procedure for cleft palate. This condition can cause children to have disfigurement, but also can interrupt vital nutrition for growth and well-being. The procedure fixes the cause so that these children can grow up healthy and strong by being able to eat and drink just like people who take it for granted. The cost of the procedure is $240 per child.

The Not So Random Act of Kindness Team took the project on with the ask of $15 per person. Initially, the time goal was a couple of weeks to collect the funds, however, it was decided, to do it now and within 6 days the goal was met! The goal was actually reached one day before the actual deadline!! Winning!

Not only was the Team able to collect donations through Venmo, but were also able to collect donations through using a XUMM wallet for XRP. The majority of the donations were given in XRP. Once collected the donation was sent to Operation Smile. The Charity was very grateful for the generous giving and support of their good works.

In looking back on this project, it would have been so easy to just donate $240, however, the Team effort and collaboration made it even more special as it was not only an individual doing the work, but a mighty collaborative effort from the XRP Army Not So Random Act of Kindness Team. Many jumped on as soon as possible to donate to help these children. It was such a great feeling to share this experience with so many with giant hearts wanting to make a difference in world that needs so much help and support at this time.

The Leader of the Project, Terri said, “I personally cannot express how inspiring and hopeful this project made me feel. I am looking forward to the next Random Acts of Kindness the XRP Army Team has in store. The XRP community is the most giving community in the crypto space. Together we are stronger and can move mountains. It was a pleasure and honor to be part of such a great group of people in this community”!!!

Stay tuned for the next Project from the Team and be a part of helping change kids lives forever. .

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