Xenon Pay: Passive Income Comes to Crypto

Xenon Pay is a Binance Smart Chain (BSC) project that aims to propel crypto adoption to mainstream applications. The platform has a native token, X2P, which holders can use in multiple applications and earn rewards. The project also includes a cryptocurrency app with a personal X2P wallet. The X2P token will become the go-to crypto for funding and investment as it levels the ground for all network participants to earn rewards evenly on the platform.

What is X2P?

X2P is Xenon Pay’s native token built on BEP-20 standards and running on BSC. The decentralized token is designed to be frictionless by eliminating intermediaries and making transactions cheaper than alternatives. This way, Xenon Pay enables fast, affordable, and borderless transactions between peers.

X2P is also built to bring high yield to token holders. To make these high returns, X2P imposes a 15% fee for each transaction. From this fee, 10% is distributed across all the network’s token holders to incentivize existing token holders toward holding X2P longer. Also, the mechanism drives demand as fewer people are willing to sell on the markets. This demand from prospective users, coupled with the token’s deflationary technique raises the coin’s price floor to create even higher yields for the token holders.

X2P Value Proposition

Unlike many crypto projects today that solve one problem at a time, Xenon Pay integrates multiple solutions under a single platform. This comprises payments integration and digital arbitration systems among other functionalities. Its one-stop platform, featuring very low transaction fees, brings convenience to users and merchants, catalyzing cryptocurrency adoption.

X2P Tokenomics

Built on the highly secure BSC as a deflationary token, X2P’s supply falls gradually. The project will burn coins both automatically and manually to cut the supply steadily over time.

Billed as a truly deflationary token, Xenon Pay doesn’t support the minting of any additional supply to the total 150 trillion X2P minted at the start of the project.

Since the coin incentivizes users to hold, X2P benefits from its supply-limiting and demand-triggering mechanisms helping to boost yields to users as the token’s value soar progressively.

Token Ticker: $X2P

Total Supply: 150,000,000,000,000

Contract: 0x53dcd4ef8e21fe014594a0854c4271a0623b31ec

X2P Team

The Xenon Pay project is led by three crypto experts who have created a community-first approach for its tokens, aiming to accelerate adoption across diverse crypto demographics. This approach makes X2P a simple cryptocurrency to send, receive or settle transactions while earning holders a yield.

Buying $X2P

Buy X2P on PancakeSwap DEX. The platform requires no minimum transaction amount for users to buy the tokens. To buy X2P, create your BSC-compatible wallet and top it up with any crypto that runs on BSC. Then, proceed to swap your crypto for X2P.

X2P has listed officially on CoinGecko and is also listed on many other exchanges and resource platforms.

Xenon Pay’s Roadmap

The project plans to add features to optimize operation fast. By the end of Q3 2021, the project will undertake the second token burn to cut token supply. The first burn is set for July. Here’s a list of upcoming events:

June 2021:

  • X2P First major supply burn.
  • Start phase 2 marketing plan.
  • First Community Event.
  • 2 Exchange Listings

July 2021:

  • X2P First Airdrop.
  • First Partnership.
  • 2022 Roadmap.

August 2021:

  • 2nd reward to all our HODLERS.

September 2021:

  • 2nd Token Burn.
  • Community Event.
  • DEV Expansion.

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