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Given recent hybrid work trends and the corresponding need for updating HR capabilities, the workforce solutions provider now offers concierge-level contingent workforce management services to hiring businesses growing organizations, and talent acquisition executives.

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Prosperix’s updated services respond to the ever-increasing demand for more dynamic workforce management solutions. According to the 2022 State of the U.S. Workforce survey, approximately 75% of American businesses are implementing HR and workforce management solutions to advance their operations and better handle their employee lifecycles.

As such, in addition to managing QBRs and payroll processes, Prosperix also undertakes candidate curation, supplier performance management, directive sourcing initiatives, and pay rate analysis on behalf of its clients. By outsourcing contingent workforce management to Prosperix, businesses can streamline their internal administrative and logistical processes and ensure that their workforce operations are fully-compliant.

Once the hiring business informs the workforce solutions provider of its project or candidate requirements, Prosperix will scour its VMS network, which has a built-in hiring marketplace for optimal connections. They also provide MSP services that help the business to coordinate communication with recruiters, talent suppliers, and candidates, ensuring prospective hires have been curated, screened, and qualified for the client’s needs.

In doing so, Prosperix can transform growing businesses into scalable enterprises by eliminating the RFP, candidate curation, and hiring processes that would otherwise fall to an internal HR department. This includes maintaining and verifying W-4 and I-9 information, administrating ACA compliance, and processing W-2 forms.

The solutions provider also fulfills payrolling and EOR (employer-of-record) obligations, accelerating enrolment and contracting tasks and minimizing company downtime while waiting to onboard new workers. By partnering with Prosperix, businesses and organizations can recalibrate their contingent workforce management processes, maintain compliance, and increase the agility and resilience of their employee structure.

A spokesperson for the company said, “Prosperix acts as an extension of your organization, taking responsibility for helping you achieve your workforce goals of building a best-in-class workforce program that achieves extraordinary outcomes.”

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