WordPress Speed & Web Vitals Optimization For Faster Loading, Services Updated

The chance of a bounce increases by 32% when a page load time goes from one to three seconds, recent research shows. With SupersonicWP.com’s newly announced custom website optimization packages, businesses can improve their website’s user experience, get more visitors, and increase conversion.

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The updated service focuses on website speed, helping businesses prevent the loss of customers due to slow loading time. The team explains that visitors who browse using their mobile devices are typically less patient – 80% leave the website after 6 seconds of loading, – and the strategies SupersonicWP.com uses have been developed both for desktop and mobile websites.

“If your site loads slowly (the time it takes for it to become visible to the visitor), it can seriously hurt your business,” says a representative for the company. “A website that loads slower than 2 seconds will lose a lot of potential visitors and customers as they are not patient enough to wait for the website to load. The solution is to increase page load speed for your WordPress website and make it as fast as humanly possible.”

The new optimization package has a fixed price and covers up to 15 pages, including images and premium plugins. For larger websites, a custom quote should be requested.

The WordPress experts perform an audit of the client’s website and create a custom plan, which can target various factors. They can implement proper caching, minify JavaScript and CSS, enable compression, minimize request size, and set up automatic image optimization, among other strategies.

In addition to reducing the bounce rate, SupersonicWP.com emphasizes the importance of a website’s speed and performance for Google’s ranking algorithm. The Core Web Vitals is a set of website speed metrics Google uses to assess user experience, and if the website’s scores meet the thresholds, the website will get the best possible ranking, given the other factors. SupersonicWP.com ensures that the client’s website ranks highly for all metrics, to ensure maximum SEO results.

About SupersonicWP.com

The team has been working in the field of SEO and WordPress website optimization since 2009. SupersonicWP.com also offers responsive website and online store design and search engine optimization.

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