Women-owned Doctor Sniffs is helping detect K9 bed bugs

New York, USA — Women-owned local NYC business Doctor Sniffs aids in K9 bed bug inspections for customers. 

It is critical to find bed bugs as soon as possible if there is an infestation. Bed bugs are not only the biggest fear of most individuals but can also be difficult to eliminate. Women-owned local NYC business Doctor Sniffs offers K9 bed bug inspections for patrons.

Regular quarterly inspections aid in identifying bed bug problems before they develop into infestations. An inspection is always the initial step, regardless of the severity of the issue.

Professionals at Doctor Sniffs can help since they understand that bed bugs and just the notion of them may make the skin crawl. A skilled dog handler and pest specialist make up their K9 bed bug inspection team. Additionally, a trained dog taught to recognize the aroma of live bed bugs and their eggs accompany the professionals. They help in detecting bed bugs easily from their hiding spots.

The services offered by Doctor Sniffs include Bed bug inspections, General pest inspections, Pest control consultations, and Pest Education.

Doctor Sniffs will educate the customers on bed bug avoidance for as long as necessary. They also provide the customers with continual educational resources after the customers employ their services. 

In addition, they also look for termites, fleas, bird mites, roaches, and any other pests that the customer might be concerned about.

A spokesperson for the company said, “Doctor Sniffs is a women-owned NYC bed bug inspection company and is an independent canine scent detection company. This implies that we have no connections to any pest management firms. We will conduct a visual examination and a K9 inspection when we arrive with the bed insect detection dog.”

Doctor Sniffs provides services in areas like New York City, New Jersey, Westchester, Connecticut, and more.

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About Doctor Sniffs:

Doctor Sniffs is a private pest inspection business. They perform both a visual inspection and a K9 inspection when they arrive with their bed bug-detection dog. Every step of the way, they will be there to guide the customers through this. Customers are attracted to their services because of the continual support they provide. 

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