Wireless Android Auto Dongle With Button Control & Multi-Phone Pairing Launched

Carsifi is a dongle that serves as a bridge between a smartphone and the infotainment system, enabling users to access their apps directly from the dashboard. The recently released device allows more motorists to experience wireless Android Auto, a feature once exclusively available on higher-end vehicles.

More information about Carsifi is available at https://carsifi.com

Ihor Martsekha, founder and CTO of Carsifi, says that this innovative device democratizes access to Android Auto, especially for those with older vehicles that don’t yet have built-in WiFi technology. Through it, they can access the full suite of Google’s services, from its useful Maps app to its communication tools. More importantly, motorists can keep their smartphones in their pockets and use voice commands, minimizing distractions on the road – one of the leading causes of vehicular accidents.

Martsekha adds: “If you don’t own a premium car, you have to connect your phone to your dashboard through cumbersome cables. Carsifi solves this problem in a sleek and efficient manner.”


Understanding that different people can drive the same vehicle, Carsifi made sure to support multi-device compatibility. By double-clicking its so-called “Magic Button,” users can cycle between the last two phones paired with the dongle. This feature saves car owners the effort of manually pairing a different phone each time they use the vehicle.


To set up Carsifi, drivers simply need to connect it to their infotainment system. Afterward, they will pair their phone with the dongle itself. There is also a downloadable app that helps make the setup a seamless process.

A satisfied client shared this review: “After breaking or losing so many cables and damaging my phone for so long, it is so great to be able to have Android Auto start with no wires. I can leave my phone in my pocket and still use features like voice-to-text.”


Carsifi believes that smart dashboards are the future of driving. As such, it created a convenient dongle that brings Android Auto to most modern vehicles on the road today. A successful crowdfunding project, it has raised over $1.6 million in capital via Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

Interested parties may visit https://carsifi.com if they wish to see Carsifi’s full specifications.

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