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Winner of the International Van Gogh Prize, Matteo Mauro, talks about artistic vocation

Born in Sicily, Matteo Mauro always has been inclined to paint and art. He attended the University College of London and now explores his artistic capabilities with influential designers such as Isaie Bloch and Ron Arad. As opposed to traditional engraving methods in the art, he prefers giving life to his vision through contemporary techniques that can be viewed as a reinvention of the former.

Mauro’s art journey began in the UK when he relocated there for his career goals in 2020. “Despite being connected to the art environment from a very young age, the turning point of my ‘enlightenment’ is traceable to the time I started connecting with London’s contemporary art scene in my early 20s,” he says.

Mauro often attended performance art events and visited artists’ studios during his younger years. That was the time when he realized that art was his vocation in life. This brilliant artist was soon working on mind-blowing ideas for painting that won several awards, one of his most famous being his Inscription paintings.

Mauro was presented with the Master of Art 2018 and International Van Gogh Prize for showcasing ingenious and unprecedented painting techniques. His book Micromegalic Inscriptions is quite famous among young aspiring painters.

This talented artist has exhibited his works in some of the world’s most renowned locations, including the Royal Academy of Arts, MACS, Marte Museum, MEAM, Museo Della Fabbrica, Dubai Design District, Qianjiang International Art Museum, and Le Salon des Indépendant.

For the future, Mauro aspires to relocate to a larger laboratory warehouse where he can bring his conceptual ideas to shape and work on larger projects. He also plans to set foot in the production of sculptural pieces and installations, thus widening his horizons in the art industry. He can be contacted on his Instagram, Facebook or his Website.