WINIFORD Introduces Speedy Fund Withdrawals With 72 Hour Processing Time

London, UK — Online cryptocurrency trading is becoming more accessible in the past few months, which subsequently creates more competition over each trader. For that reason, global crypto trading brand WINIFORD has introduced a new fund withdrawal standard – pleading to process all orders within a 3-day time period. This is considered revolutionary in the industry, since most companies right now can commit only to a 5-8 day request processing period.

“To be honest, the withdrawal process has always been the achilles heel of the online trading world. Well, we’re here to change that for good,” explained WINIFORD’s spokesperson. “Our clients trust us with their money every single day, when they decide to invest through our platform. They deserve nothing less than the fastest withdrawal process when they desire to receive that money back. We hope that other trading brands follow in our footsteps, just like they have done in the past when we’ve introduced groundbreaking measures to the world of online crypto trade.”

Tackling the bureaucracy

Most trading brands today enable deposits and withdrawals via a credit or debit card, as well as through wire transfers. While deposits are accounted for instantly, withdrawal processes usually take somewhere between ten days and two weeks. This is mainly due to a regulatory framework, aimed at preventing money laundering and demanding specific documentation. However, bureaucracy is also to blame in this case. That’s why this decision, made by WINIFORD, is groundbreaking in a sense. 

“We always strive to give traders every reason to do business with us – even if they’ve been putting their trust in us for a long time already,” added the spokesperson. “That’s been at the core of our strategy from day one. We see no reason not to be pioneers this time as well, by setting the bar once again. We aim to lead, not to follow, and leading means setting high expectations from yourself and putting every effort into fulfilling them. We also pledge to continue to be attentive to our clients’ needs in the future, be what they may be.”


Established in 2020, WINIFORD has already succeeded in leaving its footprint on the way online trade is done today. With its team of professional account managers and support representatives, alongside the proprietary platform it offers, the brand has already managed to attract thousands of customers from all around the world. The platform is mobile and tablet friendly and requires no download, facilitating trade on the go from anywhere. Cryptocurrency trading is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Trade execution speed is the highest in the industry, with no compromise on client fund safety and information encryption.