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Using their innovative low moisture SMART(R) process, Smart Carpet Cleaning’s updated services can lift and remove pet stains from carpets, without soaking the underlying pad or subfloor.

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The company’s services are available for both residential and commercial clients, such as senior living accommodation and hospitality businesses throughout Windsor, as well as the surrounding areas of Colorado.

Acting quickly to clean pet stains on carpets is crucial for reducing both the odor and markings on the fibers. However, many traditional carpet cleaning methods can only exacerbate the smells due to the amount of liquid used during the cleaning process that reactivates the urine. By using a low-moisture process, Smart Carpet Cleaning can remove pet stains, without long-term lingering odors.

The process used by the Windsor company uses only about 3 gallons of water to clean the carpet fibers, which is 1/10th of the water used in traditional cleaning methods. This reduced water usage means a client’s carpet dries much faster while also being better for the environment.

In addition to their lower water usage, Smart Carpet Cleaning’s services also omit the need for pre-sprays or strong chemicals which can damage a carpet’s fibers. Using non-toxic chemicals, the cleaning can also increase the effectiveness and longevity of a client’s carpet and its cleaning.

When attending a property for pet stain removal, the company’s team provides an initial assessment to determine the severity of the stain using a combination of black lighting and sniff tests. Once complete, the company can then present cleaning solutions to address the stain and smell ranging from light cleaning to pad replacements where necessary,

Based in Windsor, the company has a property zip code checker on its website to help individuals find their closest SMART carpet cleaner. Clients can also see the company’s service areas at

A past client of the company said, “We are very satisfied. We have had many properties cleaned over the years with pet stain removal and dry time being my major concern. Smart Carpt Cleaning has always given consistently excellent results.”

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