Win In The Stock Market Without Experiencing The Losses, With Renowned Financial Advisor, Nick Yekani

Rule number one of the stock market is don’t lose money. Rule number two is don’t forget rule number one. While many hopeful investors look up to these famous words by renowned American investor Warren Buffet, most don’t follow through. About 80% of investors experience more losses than wins in the stock market largely due to a lack of planning, protection, and productive psychology.

Nick Yekani is the founder of Economics and Family Inc, a Los Angeles-based financial advising firm known for its one-stop-shop strategy. Economics and Family Inc. solves all financial needs under one roof, accessing the best in their field, including wealth management, retirement, CPA, attorneys, estate planning, top fund managers, real estate, and banking, nationwide. He runs his business alongside his son, Bijan Yekani, his brother, two daughters, and two sons-in-law. “It is a family business, not only in the sense that our family is involved in every way but also in the manner in which we treat our clients,” says Nick Yekani. The financial advisor came to America as a young man, after losing his father. He touched down in Los Angeles not knowing how to count the coins to purchase a burger and now 40 years later, has built an empire as one of the most successful financial advisors in the industry.

Nick Yekani works diligently to educate, serve, and protect the finances of the thousands of clients he works with. He and his team provide everything from retirement and tax planning, real estate, plus investment management . The days of blindly investing and hoping for a positive outcome are over. With the proper strategy, one can reap all the benefits of investing without experiencing any losses. Nick shares the three keys to success in the stock market:

  • Understand the psychology behind financial success. “Financial success is 80% psychology,” says Nick Yekani. Nick Yekani approaches each client interaction as though he were a doctor, seeking to understand the full picture of their financial health. The psychology behind financial advising involves understanding what motivates each client and what they fear. A plan is then made based on each client’s unique psychological profile. Having the right growth mindset and utilizing the law of attraction can be just as important, if not more important than, a strategy.
  • Protect your investments. “We insure our cars, our homes, our health, why would we not protect our investments against market losses in the same way?” In 2014, Nick Yekani expanded his network and met Dr. Robert J. Shiller, the Nobel-Prize-Winner in Economy, and became connected with the top-fund managers globally. For the first time, I became part of a revolutionary concept that would allow investors of any net worth to protect their principal and enter into an investment without losing any of their assets. Protecting your assets through the insurance company is key to preserving wealth and passing it down to the next generation. Insuring investor’s principles against market fluctuation and enjoying stock market growth without fearing any loss is a unique and revolutionary concept that allows individuals from all over the nation to invest their funds and enjoy stock market growth without worrying about any loss. With clients as part of the family, Nick understands the value and importance of money and is determined to protect each client’s account as if it was his own.
  • Diversify your portfolio. 30 years ago, America was the economic powerhouse, any financial advisor worth their salt, was recommending American investments, in recent years, America has lost some attractiveness and a more global investment strategy may be advantageous. Diversification of your portfolio can help you manage risk and reduce the volatility of an asset’s price movements. By spreading your investments around, you can limit your exposure to one type of asset. This is one of the most sustainable ways to navigate market ups and downs, and in this case, with Nick protecting your initial investment while all maintaining growth.

Nick Yekani, and his access to top-fund managers are in the business of changing lives, revolutionizing one investment strategy at a time. To reach an even wider audience, Nick Yekani shares these same tools and principles on his weekly radio show and is planning a virtual webinar in April. To learn more about his innovative investment approach, listen to his radio show, watch him on Youtube, or to gain early access to the webinar visit,