Why You Should Insure Your Crypto and Digital Assets

In the technological world we live in today, everything seems to have literally gone digital. We can now literally do everything virtually, thanks to the internet and technology. And the recent Covid19 pandemic has even forced a lot of people to embrace this reality of virtual living.

Apart from daily activities such as shopping online, technology also now provides a lot of investment opportunities. We can now invest in cryptocurrency and other digital assets, such as NFTs. As a matter of fact, cryptocurrency has made a lot of people rich more than anything else in recent years. So it is not surprising that it has now become the preferred investment option for a lot of people.

How Crypto Insurance Works

Some insurance companies are hesitant to provide crypto coverage for investors and businesses. This is due to the potential high risk in the crypto market, and its volatile nature. And the not regulated nature, and relatively short track record. However, gradually, the insurance industry is warming up to the crypto market.

Some insurers are now beginning to write coverage to Insure crypto into some business policies. It is possible for crypto insurance to be included in general business insurance. Crime insurance.

Cryptocurrency insurance or Decentralized finance insurance (Defi) policies or to be written into standalone policies. The best crypto-insurance company helps businesses secure correct and high-quality insurance coverage for their crypto at the best prices possible.

Why Crypto and Digital Assets Insurance is Important

Have you ever taken a moment to reflect on a cryptocurrency insurance policy or looking for the right crypto insurance policy? Are you asking yourself questions like; “What is cryptocurrency insurance? And do I really need to get a cryptocurrency insurance policy?”

Cryptocurrency insurance can be quite a mysterious and puzzling thing, so you are not alone. How does crypto-insurance work? What are the benefits of having your cryptocurrency insured? And how do you find the best cryptocurrency insurance company?

These are common questions, and fortunately, we have some simple and straightforward answers to these questions.

Benefits of Crypto Insurance

Cryptocurrency insurance is an important financial/security tool. Crypto insurance can be of great benefit to you and help you live life with peace of mind. And the certainty you will receive financial assistance. As well as compensation in the event of any unforeseen circumstances.

They include crypto scams, lost crypto wallets, or crypto exchange attacks. Having cryptocurrency insurance will help you recover faster. Having your crypto assets and other digital assets insured is important. This guarantees your crypto currency is safe and protected in case of any unforeseen event.

Private crypto or corporate insurance protection like cryptocurrency market insurance is covered. You can be sure the crypto-insurance product will cover losses involving your crypto/digital assets.

Risks Covered by Crypto and Digital Assets Insurance

Unlike traditional assets and investments, the cryptocurrency did not have the backing of the securities investor protection corporation commission. They also did not have securities and exchange commissions or federal deposit insurance corporations.

The crypto market was developed to be not regulated on purpose, this makes cryptocurrency and other digital assets vulnerable to attacks. This has not surprisingly led to private individuals and businesses realizing the importance of the crypto insurance market.

Cryptocurrency insurance literally covers everything. These include; crypto stored in cold storage/cold wallet as well as hot storage/hot wallets. Crypto scam protection as well as coverage that covers loss of private keys and so on. Below are the major risk covered by both personal and crypto exchange insurance.

  • Custody Insurance for Crypto. Crypto needs to be stored somewhere, whether in a crypto wallet, on the crypto exchanges, or on an online platform. If you lose access to your crypto, your crypto keys? Or if the business holding your assets goes out of business, then Cryptocurrencyinsurance.io will save the day.
  • Crime Insurance for Crypto. When there is an act of dishonesty, robbery, theft, cyber fraud, or destruction. Crime Insurance can cover a business’s claims for the loss of money, inventory, securities, and other assets.
  • General Business Insurance for Crypto. Same similar business insurance. These include; Directors & Officers (D&O), Errors & Omissions (E&O. Also known as Professional Indemnity Insurance can apply to a business’s digital assets and crypto portfolio.
  • Decentralized Finance (Defi) Insurance for Crypto. Defi for crypto is also known as smart contract insurance because it covers smart contract failure. A Defi insurance policy for Insuring crypto will help make sure that the currency’s software is unhackable. Executing trading and all other transactions properly, as per the smart contract conditions.

Who Needs Cryptocurrency Insurance?

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