Why You Need to Use Social Media Monitoring Tools for Your Business?

Pandemic has changed our work life harmony. Now more than ever, we  rely on online interactions. For example, some retailers closed the store  front and migrated to online business, majority of companies allow workers  to work remotely permanently. With all these transitions, data shows that  ecommerce sales have gone up 40% on average in 2020 in comparison to  previous year. 

This era is revolutionary for more online transactions and you may find  more competitors online and harder to compete because of social media  waves. 

Why Using Social Media Monitoring? 

Social media monitoring tools allow you to monitor for specific keywords  and mentions in social media platforms. The top social media tool, notifier allows you to monitor any RSS, Reddit, hacker news and many other online  media systems. This tool allows you to get notified instantly or daily for the  mentions. 

All online businesses, small or big need to monitor relevant activities online.  Your product can go viral in a night, get blown up with bad or good  reputations. You need to help your business by seeing what’s happening  out there globally via the internet. 

Sometimes rumors may happen about your product that may not be true,  you need to catch those trends and comment about those posts, or even  make an announcement to clear out the rumor. You need to act fast  because the online world moves fast, the average time of a post goes viral  is less than half an hour. That’s why you need to catch it early before it gets  to a monstrous size and has a negative effect on your brand. 

Early in 2021, there was a big wave of posts/comments that accused  Robinhood from blocking trades specially GameStop, in a matter of hours,  there were over thousands of users rated this app 0 stars. In a few hours,  Robinhood went from 5-star rating to nearly 0-star rating. They lost some of 

their users by switching to other trading platforms. If they had monitored the social media and caught it this early, and response fast, that could preserve  their brand better. It turns out that Robinhood did not intentionally block the  users from trading, however it was a funding issue in their bank. 

In example above, they could have avoided losing some of their customers,  if they explained the block fast and effectively. It took them a matter of days  to address it. 

How Can You Benefit from Social Media Listening? Your customers are online shouting and spreading the word about your  products. Whether it is praise or criticism or it’s just questions you need to  monitor and respond fast. For every customer of yours online, they can  spread the news to hundreds of other users. It’s been shown some  companies gained 60-70% more customers just by monitoring the mentions  relevant to them on social media and acting accordingly. In summary: 1- You can monitor multiple online platforms 

2- Act quickly and response to high priority posts/comments 3- Gain feedbacks by monitoring your competitors and learn from  their online presence and their responses 

4- Grow your reputation over time, by answering questions, rumors or  critics. Also make sure to touch on the loved trends. Talk more about  what users love about you and make more of those aspects in your  brand 

In 2014, it was shown that about 30-40% of tweets include company names  without any tags. It is important to be able to find them and monitor them as  part of your routine. With tools such as Notifier, you can monitor tags as  well as mentions. 

Airlines have some of the busiest social media activities around the world.  They have dedicated social media managers to monitor the online activities  of their customers using social media tools. Because of the social media  tool, Southwest airline is able to respond to many of customers questions,  critics and appraisal. 

Listen Up 

Whether you just started your online business, or you already created your  online fingerprints, you need to make sure you monitor and market your  market. Your brand can get bullied, and you need to protect it, it gets  appraisal, you need to grow it toward the direction to get bigger, you need 

to monitor your competitors so you do not fall behind and survive in the  online pool of brands, customers and opinion. 

When choosing a social monitoring tool, make sure it covers a broad range  of online platforms as well as keywords along tags. With less switch  between tools, you can focus more on your marketing strategy rather than  learning and using different apps for your social listening. 

I hope this article helps you to obtain high quality results fast from your  social media monitoring. Have any questions or need specific tips, email us  at lily@notifier.so