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Why unknown callers are dangerous and here’s how to stop them

We often look at a call from an unknown number and rush to pick it up, thinking that it might be an emergency. While that may be the case, often, there are dangerous consequences to these calls. First off, these numbers belong to scam callers who frequently threaten you to buy some unnecessary or expensive product. 

These people will call you multiple times a week to sell a lame product. Therefore, it is essential to not pick their calls up from unknown numbers as this leads to you getting even more calls. 

These may also be criminals calling to gain access to your location. Once they get a hold of you, these people will often try and carry out a secretive robbery. For example, these people ask you if you want a service for cheap and then visit your house and steal things and runoff. 

You can use various online services to find out who these people are and get rid of them or use one of the solutions mentioned below.

How to avoid unknown callers 

Here are ways you can reduce or even end the calls you receive from unknown numbers daily.


There are two ways you can ward off these annoying callers; the first one is to not attend to the call from an unknown number at any cost. If you do slip up and answer once, hang up immediately and do not answer any calls after that. You can also find websites to track these callers and report them to the police for cyber harassment. 

Here’s how to find out who is calling you for free. Tracing a number relieves you because if the number traces back to an organization trying to sell you something, then there is nothing to worry about, and you can take a sigh of relief. 

Do-not-call registries

If you live in the USA, there are plenty of do-not-call registries online where you type in your phone number and email address to register. Once you are registered, the telemarketing companies remove you from their call list in 31 days. 

Thus, registries can solve the unknown caller problem for you, and you wouldn’t have to deal with the constant interruption of these phone calls interrupting your daily life.


The block list is an immaculate feature on our phones. If you’ve missed out on what blocklists are, they are lists where you add a number, and then your phone blocks that number from contacting you or texting you. Block listing is a complicated process compared to the ones mentioned above and takes a bit of an effort, but it’s all worth the while. 

You will have to list these numbers one by one on your blocklist, and if the telemarketing company contacts you from a different number, you will have to add it as well. Again, this method requires effort, but you are good to go once you list the numbers unless a new number decides to call you.

Switch to voicemail

An easy fix to your unknown caller problem is to send your unknown calls directly to voicemail or you can use websites like CellTrackingApps to find the identity of the caller. 

In this way, the caller can’t get through to you and will eventually give up. However, this feature is not available on all phones, so you may need to check if your mobile phone contains this or not.