Why Shipping Overseas is Stressful and How You Can Overcome It?

International shipping is a very convenient service that allows you to send a parcel almost anywhere in the world. And yet, many find it complicated or even distressing, especially if they’re shipping overseas for the first time.

Do you also feel stressed about sending a package abroad? No worries! Let’s find out why international shipping is so stressful and how you can deal with it.

Unclear pricing

One of the reasons why shipping internationally might seem daunting is the pricing system. Usually, the cost is determined by the weight and size of the package, the destination country, and the chosen shipping method.

The latter two factors are pretty straightforward. But it’s easy to get lost between the dimensional and the actual weight of a parcel. It seems obvious that the heavier the package, the more it’ll cost to deliver it. But that’s not always the case with light and large parcels.

If the dimensional weight, i.e. the space a package occupies inside a vehicle, is greater than its actual weight, the cost of international shipping will be estimated based on it. This means that you need to be wary of package dimensions as much as of its weight. And it can be puzzling.

To clear the confusion, it’s best to consult a shipping rates calculator. While it’s possible to calculate the dimensional weight yourself, it’ll be much easier to just type in the measurements and have the final shipping price presented to you.

High shipping costs

Sending a package overseas can be stressful because it’s expensive. Especially if your destination country is in Europe as in the case of shipping to Ukraine from the USA. To overcome this type of stress, you should apply tips to reduce the price of package delivery.

You can lower shipping costs by choosing economy shipping. Your parcel will travel longer, but it’ll be cheaper. Another thing to do is to look for an international shipping company with the most affordable rates. You can do that by comparing the prices offered by different carriers.

Finally, pay attention to the package weight and dimensions. Select smaller shipping containers whenever possible. If you aren’t shipping fragile items, use mailers instead of boxes. And if you’re using shipping boxes, avoid picking those which are too big.

Complicated international shipping regulations

International parcel shipping has its own rules and regulations. Complying with them can be truly stressful, including customs. Failing to fill in the customs declaration may lead to confiscation of your parcel which adds to the tension you might feel when sending packages overseas.

To deal with this pressure, arm yourself with knowledge. Don’t cut corners and do full research on what you need to know when shipping internationally. Start by checking the list of prohibited and restricted items. And learn what kind of information you need to provide for a smooth customs clearance of your parcel.

Keep in mind that each country may have different international package shipping regulations. That’s why it’s crucial to study the rules of both the country of origin and the country you’re sending a parcel to.

Damaged and lost packages

Shipping overseas can cause stress because of the distance your parcel will need to cover. It’s frightening to send your goods on a long journey. What if your package gets damaged? What if it is lost? There are many things that might worry you.

Although it’s natural to fret over your items, you can overcome the anxiety by taking appropriate countermeasures. It’s true that parcels may get damaged when shipped internationally. But you can lessen the risk if you pack your goods thoroughly.

Always choose a mailer or a shipping box that best matches your items in size and the required durability. Wrap each item separately and add plenty of cushioning inside. Seal the packaging tightly and you won’t need to worry about your goods getting damaged during transit.

To prevent a lost package, pay extra attention to the address label. When sending parcels overseas, it never hurts to double-check if you have put down the correct address. Also, be sure to insure your package. International parcel insurance will give you peace of mind and will cover any loss in case of an accident.

International shipping is a complicated process and that makes it stressful. But it won’t be difficult to overcome all your fears if you apply the solutions presented above.