Why Patients Choose QC Kinetix (Artesian), The Regenerative Medicine Pain Control Clinic Highlights Treatment Success

Oklahoma City, OK – QC Kinetix (Artesian) is an appointment-based pain control clinic offering regenerative medicine treatments to its community members. The clinic leverages natural treatment modalities as an alternative to surgery in the treatment of joint pain and related conditions. It has enjoyed significant success over the years in helping patients live better lives while addressing their pain and discomforts.

The Pain control clinic prioritizes the health and wellness of patients and ensures each patient has access to personalized treatment and care. New patients start by scheduling an appointment and meeting with the treatment team. During the meeting, the treatment team reviews the patient’s medical records, asks questions, and offers a comprehensive examination and assessment. Patients will also get a chance to ask questions about the treatment and other issues on their minds. The treatment providers thereafter present a diagnosis at the end of the consultation appointment, determine eligibility, and develop a unique treatment plan for eligible patients.

Speaking on why patients choose QC Kinetix (Artesian), the lead spokesperson, Scott Hoots, noted that they have some of the most experienced, board-certified physicians on board to address patients and their needs. He added that their Oklahoma City back specialist has been able to help more patients avoid surgery through their natural and regenerative medicine treatments. The regenerative treatment solution has also helped many community members get off pain medications which often have adverse effects on their health and wellness.

The clinic’s spokesperson further added that they’ve treated thousands of patients nationwide, helping them save money and avoid the risks of surgical procedures. He maintained that their approach to joint pain treatment offers a faster recovery time and provides more long-term benefits.

QC Kinetix (Artesian) is open to all community members interested to learn more about their Oklahoma City office and treatments. The clinic welcomes patients experiencing common joint pain symptoms like limited joint mobility, which can be attributed to arthritis, joint weakness resulting from muscle atrophy, cramping and discomfort from knee pain and other joint-related diagnoses, etc. It also welcomes people experiencing redness and warmth in their joints, noisy joints, swelling and stiffness, as well as those having difficulty completing tasks due to joint problems.

The treatment providers have the right approach to treating common symptoms affecting the knee, shoulder, elbow, low back, hip, wrist, ankle, and other joints. They also address problems affecting the muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

QC Kinetix (Artesian) is located at 3300 NW 56th St, Suite 302, Oklahoma City, OK 73112, USA. The clinic can be reached via phone at (405) 289-9662 to schedule an appointment time to meet with the treatment team. Visit the pain control clinic’s website to learn more about them.

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