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Why NBA Players call Celebrity Designer Liz Korn to Style Them Before Games

NBA players are famous not only for being good basketball players but also known for the most stylish. Sports and fashion has become sort of a brand-marketing method and fashion is the most useful way to interact with fans because teams and players contact Liz Korn to style them properly to express themselves. Many of the NBA players choose clothes to wear from Pure Atlanta before games.

The fashion style walking the tunnel before games is a mode to bring players relationship closer to themself, as it is self-centered and orientated, as well as how it is expressed by the choice of clothing. NBA players dress perfectly to become popular among the other basketball players, media and fans. Hence to attain perfection in dressing they call celebrity designer Liz Korn, the owner of Pure Atlanta for their luxury items of clothing as well as accessories. Let’s first know about Liz Korn.

Who is Liz Korn?

Liz Korn (AKA ‘Lizzie Pure‘) is an Owner Of the fashion retail brand of Pure Atlanta. Liz Korn is a brand organizer, fashionable, attractive styler, and a hell of a passionate retailer. She has always shown her interest in luxury fashion. Liz Korn visualized herself working in this big industry for as long as she can remember. She worked in the retailing business for her whole adult life by getting her first job to fold the T-shirts on the Gap store floor at 16 years of age. Lizzie Pure studied at Florida State University and then graduated with an MBA from Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton. Liz recalls “I’ve gone through almost every possible position in large corporate retail chains,” Korn also says. “When I finished my master’s degree in 2007, I took a chance and founded Pure, and the rest is history.” In the end, Liz decided to leave the Gap store and create her business with the name “Pure Atlanta“. The Pure Atlanta brand’s team shows a wide group of people of all races, age groups, sexual orientations, and genders. Liz concludes in one sentence: “While the designer collections are exclusive, the Pure’s culture inclusive.”

Lizzie Pure has become the queen of Atlanta’s retailing stores. Lizzie Pure has celebrated her success throughout the pandemic war of Covid-19. Her retail store ships on style and fashion product offerings with brands like Versace, Moschino, Balmain, Giuseppe Zanotti, and DSquared2. These companies remain strong but serves as the golden key to a handful of the most desirable items in the customer marketplace. Liz Korn designs the clothes for Pure Atlanta for celebrities as well as NBA players.

Pure Atlanta is a multi-brand retail business that has a great experience of fashion, culture, and luxury for about 15 years. Pure’s branches are in Houston, Miami, and Charlotte but the main branch in Lenox Square Mall. Every item in Pure boutique delivers an exclusive beneficial shopping experience with a carefully selected range of energetic streetwear. “Every day I come to work and I feel at home. I’m surrounded by a team that supports my creativity and cultivates my talent. We drive each other to be our greatest selves.” Said by General Manager of Pure Atlanta.

Liz Korn the owner of the qualified brand ” Pure Atlanta” style and design streetwear for celebrities. Lizzie Pure styles NBA players to make them comfortable before their competitive matches of games.

Lizzie Pure is a true inspiration for all retailing business owners. She always makes streetwear on the next trends. We are excited to know that what Pure Atlanta does next. We wish her to get more success in her business.