Why jewelry made from ashes is growing in popularity

Georgia, United States — Mourning jewelry, a unique style of jewelry designed to remind the wearer of the preciousness of life, reached its peak popularity in the Victorian era between 1837 and 1901. Interest dwindled for around one century, as people opted for burials or chose different means of storing ashes. But over the last decade, memorial jewelry has made a comeback and is becoming increasingly popular year after year.

Heart In Diamond, the first company to make cremation jewelry from ashes, has been creating these unique keepsakes since 2005. The innovative company extracts carbon from the cremated ashes of deceased loved ones and pets and transforms it into a genuine, high-quality diamond inside their own production facility.

Each year more people turn to Heart In Diamond for help with creating long-lasting family heirlooms that can be passed on through generations. Here are the main reasons why this precious type of jewelry is becoming more popular.

Cremations v burials

One of the most influential reasons jewelry made from ashes is growing in popularity is that many more people are choosing cremations over burials. Since the beginning of the century, cremations have experienced growth every year, while burials have seen a decline each year. By 2025, the cremation rate in the US is expected to reach 65.2%. By 2030, it’s expected to soar up to 72.8%.

When people opt to have their loved one or pet cremated instead of buried, they have more options available to them. Instead of simply laying them to rest in a burial spot, people can do everything from turning their ashes into cremation jewelry to using their ashes to make a portrait.


The cost of having a loved one cremated and having their ashes turned into memorial jewelry is more cost-effective than having them buried. In the US, the average burial costs around $7,640 while the average cremation costs just $350.

Heart In Diamond’s prices start from $750 for a cremation diamond and $367 for a simple jewelry setting. This means someone could have their loved one cremated and their ashes turned into a piece of memorial jewelry for as little as $1,467. That’s $6,173 less than a burial alone.

Being able to give their loved one a respectful send-off and create meaningful memento at the same time while paying less than they would for a simple burial makes the first option much more appealing. 


As we learn more about the negative impact mined diamonds have on the planet, people are looking for more ethical, eco-friendly, and sustainable options. Turning their loved one’s ashes into diamonds provides them with a suitable solution.

Mined diamonds result in 4,383 times more waste than lab-grown diamonds. They also use 6.8 times as much water and consume 2.14 times as much energy per carat produced. Unlike mined diamonds, lab-grown diamonds avoid all sulfur oxide and more than 50% of the nitrous oxide created by extracting diamonds from the Earth.

Not only is it better for the environment to create diamonds inside a lab, but it’s also more eco-friendly to have a body cremated than it is for it to be buried.

Burials have a negative environmental impact because the embalming process is toxic, it uses a lot of materials, cemeteries take up excessive space and resources, and funerals are expensive. Although cremations aren’t 100% green, they are less harmful to the environment. Some companies are thinking about the future and developing new cremation methods which really are sustainable and take care of the environment.

People around the world understand the immediate need to switch to more sustainable, eco-friendly ways of living. Opting for a cremation and choosing a lab-grown diamond over a mined one are just two ways they can lessen their negative impact on the world.


There are just as many different styles of jewelry made from ashes to choose from as there are any other type of jewelry. Heart In Diamond offers three diamond shapes, five colors, nine carats, and more than 1,600 jewelry settings. The company even offers some bespoke options for people who want to further customize their keepsake. All these different options mean there are millions of possible combinations.

Having so much choice available empowers the person mourning to create a genuine one-of-a-kind design that has a special meaning to them. This is much more comforting than a standard urn buried underground or kept on a mantlepiece.

Promising future

The statistics suggest that jewelry made from ashes will continue to grow in popularity. As cremation rates increase and the need to follow more sustainable lives becomes even more apparent, more people will choose cremation and look for alternatives to mined diamonds. At the same time, prices are anticipated to become even more affordable, while available styles will increase in number and diversity, giving people countless designs to choose from.

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