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Why is the Free Boiler Scheme free?

The UK government is striving to improve the country’s carbon footprint and reduce the negative impacts of global warming overall. Older inefficient boilers contribute to the amount of heat being lost and the carbon footprint because they take longer to heat your home. Therefore, as a result of this your energy bills are higher than they would be if you had a more environmentally friendly boiler. With this in mind the government introduced the free boiler scheme which provides grants for new installations of “greener” boilers, regardless of your financial past and if you have applied for a boiler privately in the past. The scheme is really positive as it helps to save qualifying homeowners money on their energy bills and protects the planet too.

Is your boiler costing you more money than you should?

The boiler scheme is in place to help provide eligible homeowners across the UK with efficient and affordable heating whilst helping the environment. Research has shown that many boilers over the age of seven would only operate at around 65% of their maximum efficiency. In terms of your bills this means that for every pound you spend on your heating 35p is being wasted due to an ineffective boiler. By comparison your new boiler would be predicted to run at no less than 90% efficiency, so only a loss of 10p or less out of every pound spent. 

Can the ECO scheme provide you with a new energy efficient boiler?

Eligible homeowners must be in receipt of one of the government’s income related benefits and their boiler must be over seven years old. If you enter your details and find that you qualify, don’t worry, we will handle the entire process end-to-end, so you don’t have to stress about how to arrange your new installation.

It is always worth checking to see if you qualify because even if you are not eligible for the free grant you could still be entitled to a subsidised boiler or a discount boiler on a new installation. For example, if you are not receiving any of the stated benefits there are alternative options like ‘buy now pay later’ with discounted costs. To find out if you qualify simply enter your postcode on the free boiler grant scheme website.

As part of the grant distribution process, we can guide you through the required steps to apply for your new boiler and have the old one removed safely with minimal fuss or disruption to you. It falls to the main six energy companies to provide your new energy efficient boiler as well as remove the old one as the work must be done by qualified heating engineers.

Can you get a free boiler grant if you are renting your home?

If you are a tenant in the UK claiming at least one of the qualifying benefits you could be entitled to the scheme. Grants are available to tenants in privately rented properties which don’t have and have previously not had a central heating system. The applicant would need to be the tenant of the property and not the landlord. Unfortunately, tenants in council owned properties are not eligible for this scheme.

We’re here to help you

We pride ourselves on being a certified one-stop green deal installer and by dealing only with us directly, not third parties, you can be confident that you will only deal with highly qualified and professional staff at every part of the process. When you apply for a boiler through the ECO scheme a key benefit is that the new boiler you receive will be the most up-to-date models available, both in energy efficiency and sustainability. Our team are experts in their role in ensuring each boiler is quickly and reliably installed so you can start enjoying the benefits of your new boiler as soon as possible.

We help many different homeowners and families who could be eligible for the grant such as pensioners and single parents based in the UK and oversee the complete installation journey to guarantee the highest quality work is done. It is our friendly hands-on approach and attention to detail that has helped us to become a leading supplier of free boiler grants, as our clients have confidence and trust in us to make sure they get the best advice and get a high standard installation service.

See if you qualify today through the Free Boiler Grant Scheme website.