Why Invest in Your Business and Build an Online Presence for it

As an entrepreneur, you always seek new strategies to develop business ideas. If you want to expand your business, you should start by building an online presence or optimizing it. According to DataReportal, there are 4.66 billion Internet users and “connected tech became an even more essential part of people’s lives over the past year, with social media, eCommerce, streaming content, and video games all seeing significant growth in the past 12 months.” People use the Internet for everything. From finding services to build their houses, online courses, and virtual doctor appointments to ordering food, clothing, electronics, and daily goods – the apps and websites always come in-handy. Whatever you’re having a retail business, industrial, food, and so on, you need a social presence. If you haven’t yet invested in your business, now is the best time.

A great idea in 2021 is to invest in your business and make the most out of it. The pandemic situation showed us that all the online businesses have been less affected in economic and financial terms than the offline ones. If you want to benefit from this incredible situation, your offline business should have an online version. As Benjamin Franklin used to say, “an investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” And knowing more about the WordPress CMS, WordPress themes, web design, and web development industries definitely pays off. You’ll have a broader perspective, and you’ll discover new resources that will take your business to a new level.

If you want to keep your business alive during these challenging times, you should never lose perspective and perseverance. Settle down and bring all the ideas to the table and make use of your offline expertise in the online environment. In this article, we present you the benefits of investing in your own website and the importance of working with professionals. Where to start when building a website, redesign, or just optimize it? Let’s explore the benefits of an online presence.

WordPress and the Bestselling News Theme

WordPress is the most popular CMS. From Disney to JQuery, The White House, Sony Music, and Toyota, a plethora of sites are built on WordPress platform with a niche theme. There are well-known markets that are specialized in selling WordPress themes or author themselves crafted eCommerce pages to sell their theme products. The best markets to purchase a WordPress theme are Envato ThemeForest Market, Template Monster, Elegant Themes, StudioPress, and so on. Of course, there are free themes, as well. But when you’re trying to invest in your business in the long term, you must rely on a popular & already tested theme that’s constantly updated and improved. For example, you could opt for a theme that’s well known in the news industry, including blogs, online magazines, that brings you unique capabilities for business.

With more than 107,000 sales worldwide, Newspaper theme by tagDiv is the best-selling news WordPress template, and it’s developed and constantly updated  since September 2013. It comes with frontend capabilities, and everything can be handled live, starting with header, footer, articles, and specific pages. What’s more you can wish from a WordPress theme? It’s responsive, flexible, built with performance in mind, and includes a multitude of pre-built websites and ready-made templates. There are so many reasons to build or redesign a site with Newspaper. One of the most important ones to consider is that it’s a theme that’s tested every day on thousands of websites and the community around it is highly engaged. Even more, the tagDiv company has also released a specialized, custom web design and web development service that include several customization solutions that can fit any kind of business.

Who is tagDiv and How it can Help Your Business?

tagDiv is a software company based in Romania that has become one of the best-selling authors on Envato Themeforest Market, which is the most competitive WordPress theme market in the whole world. With a team of 20+ members (that increased gradually), tagDiv has developed the well-known Newspaper and Newsmag WordPress themes that power  more than 130,000 WordPress websites out there. Also, tagDiv has built a timekeeping app for companies and has recently released their own professional web design and development services.

According to Clutch, tagDiv powers the websites for some popular brands around the world, including agencies, bloggers, companies, institutions, governments, or startups. For example,  United Nations, The Coronado Times, Cronica Norte, LeagueLane, I love Samsung, HR navigator, VPN Basen, StartupTV, II Caffe Geopolitico, The Passion Project TV, The DJ Revolution, PastryArts Magazine, Deeper Blue or RTB Pressroom – are a few of the websites built with Newspaper theme by tagDiv. 

Newspaper Theme and Newsmag Theme

These two themes are similar yet so different for the news industry. Both are customizable but at different levels. You got the freedom to work on the frontend using tagDiv Composer, a handcrafted page builder. In terms of customizability, flexibility, rows/column systems, the Newspaper theme has more assets and functionality. This template bundles a large gallery called tagDiv Cloud Library, where you can preview and import templates to build pages and single post templates. With this type of functionality, you can design elegant author pages or 404 ones, and not only.

Moreover, the theme has a header and footer builders, so you can build as many tops and bottoms as you would need. Furthermore, you can customize your mobile pages by simply duplicating pages. You just need to hit a button and design the same page for mobile, with fewer elements; you decide which information is vital for mobile users. With both themes, it is easy to monetize your website, as you can place ads all over the website. Once you start working with the Newspaper theme, you immediately appreciate the multitude of options and the given flexibility.

Services provided by tagDiv Software Company

tagDiv provides professional solutions for web design and web development needs. Why should you work with them? We’ve highlighted below some of the solutions they’re providing for website companies:

  • Basic WordPress, Theme & Plugins Setup
  • Web Development & Customization Services
  • Web design & Content Services
  • Page Speed Optimization Services
  • Migrate your website from another CMS to WordPress
  • Migrate old WordPress content to a new theme
  • Migrate Your Website to Another Server

Why should you work with professionals? Because you should always invest in your business. If you want to reach out to tagDiv, you can easily submit a request on their page. Now that you know who to choose to help you design an amazing website, you can go further and build your social presence right away.

Online Business Needs a Social Presence

An online presence also means you should have brand accounts on various platforms and streamline your marketing efforts through different campaigns. For example, Statista published in January 2021 a report on the most popular social networks used globally, and it seems that there are almost 3 billion Facebook monthly active users, followed by over 2 billion Youtube and 2 million WhatsApp users. Furthermore, “in January 2021, mobile devices excluding tablets accounted for over 55 percent of web page views worldwide” states J.Clement author on Statista’s page about the utilization of mobile internet traffic globally. Besides having Internet connections at home, people access it from their mobile devices, wherever they are. With these in mind, it’s hard not to be noticed in the online world, with a great social presence and a performant & optimized website.

Invest in Your Online Business and Go WorldWide

More and more companies spend more money on software, technology, and goods’ optimization. Before you invest in your business and reach out to more people, make sure you choose professional services.The availability of working with customizable features and premium tools will save you and your team from losing precious time. Before you go and read something else, let’s quickly note some important facts. By building an online presence for your business, you’re actually investing in it. This way, you reach out to a broader audience and become more productive. Secondly, by monetizing with your website – beyond selling your own goods or telling visitors about your services – you can sell ad spots on your site and increase revenue. Basically, everyone in the digital world knows or should know about Return of Investment (ROI). And, the last takeaway note before jumping into the digital world is to set up Key Performance Indicators and make sure your business stays effective, no matter what campaigns you’re running.