Why Crypto and Astrology have more in common than the moon

The alarm clock rings. The man gets up to grab his phone and checks the current value of his crypto collection. He is startled. The price of Bitcoin has dropped significantly again. The woman lying next to him wakes up. She grabs her phone from the nightstand and checks what the day has in store for her. Not cryptos, but the planets influence her mood and behavior. She checks her daily horoscope and sees that it will be an intense day filled with trials and excitement.

Crypto is to men what astrology is to women. Here are four reasons why:

  1. Addictive element

Watching daily prices going up and down is addictive. Trading crypto-currencies has many traits similar to gambling. Analyzing the position of the planets is equally irresistible to millions of people. Jupair has more than six million users and is among the most popular astrology websites. Price tracking apps are booming. Every push notification triggers another shot of dopamine, whether it’s good or bad news. A daily horoscope provides a similar rush of dopamine.

  1. Confirmation bias

Confirmation bias is the tendency to selectively choose the information that positively confirms our ideas and beliefs, the “told-you-so” effect. Suppose cryptocurrencies or astrology have given you a positive experience in the past. In that case, you tend to remember this better and place more value on it. Therefore, you are more likely to return to the apps or platforms.

  1. Hope for a better future

Both astrology and cryptocurrencies fuel our hope for a better future. It’s a balancing act.

The hope for a betters future is often irrational. Instead of rational analysis, we go to the moon. The moon coincidentally plays a big role in astrology as well.

Daily horoscopes tell us what a day has in store for us, but horoscopes are not limited in time. There are monthly and yearly horoscopes projecting good fortunes to those who believe.

Much like the imagined better world that cryptocurrencies create based on decentralization, transparency, and trustless transactions.

  1. A connected system (part of something bigger)

We feel part of something bigger within the universe and the web 3 community. A system in which everything is connected to everything else and in which we play a small but important role.

Both systems are a network of smaller links, with constant interactions and movements between them that influence each other.

Adherents of both Crypto and Astro are often quite fanatical in their beliefs. The belief in them is strong. Yet, no matter how often we check our price trackers or horoscopes, we have no control over either phenomenon.