Why Commuter Bike Is All You Need

Why Commuter Bike Is All You Need


Have you ever tried riding on a commuter e-bike before? Do you remember how it felt? The extra comfortable saddle, the derailleur system, and that incredible feeling of cutting through the breeze. This is exactly how it should feel when you ride a commuter ebike. When you close your eyes, you should still feel it.

This is not the only reason why we recommend you commute with the KBO Breeze Commuter e-bike. But this is probably the reason we suggest you choose a good e-bike for all your commuting needs. A good e-bike serves as a point of interest for many riding enthusiasts, and with KBO e-bikes, getting a commuter e-bike does not have to tear your pocket anymore.

Keep reading while we enlighten you on all the reasons why a commuter e-bike is the best approach to solving all your commuting problems, with a few extra incentives.

Reasons For Choosing A Commuter E-bike

  • It Saves Time

It might be pretty satisfying to some people to sit back and wait for slow-moving traffic while watching others zip smartly by on their electric bikes. We hope this kind of satisfaction is not one you share because riding an e-bike can help you get to work a few extra minutes early.

The first part is enabling you to move while others remain stuck in traffic. With an electric bicycle, you can easily choose the best route to arrive at your destination while causing the least interference. It could be slipping through an alleyway or taking a smart shortcut you know. The point is that you arrive at your destination faster riding an e-bike.

The second part is because e-bikes rarely break down the way a car could break down and consume all your time arranging for towing and a mechanic. An e-bike is created to be smart and consistent, and what it does is enable the smart and consistent. This ensures they can keep up their level of productivity and still enjoy personal time in an ever-competitive world.

  • It Saves Money

We cannot ignore the fact that gas prices have been at a figure that has had most people considering downsizing the number of cars they possess and the trips they take. Maintaining a car is made even more expensive by the cost of essentials like gas and tires. This is ignoring the tons of other necessary rituals servicing a car entails that add up to a nice amount annually.

Now, take your e-bike with parts that cost a fraction of what your car costs. The amount needed to keep your e-bike in prime condition monthly or annually is an amount that removes a couple of zeroes from your total car costs.

The money factor is one of the reasons why e-bikes are so popular. At a much smaller amount, people are happy to enjoy the edge riding an e-bike gives them over the regular commute with a car. Most families that have had to downsize have been “forced” to realize how easier it is to run errands, commute to work, and shop for groceries using an e-bike.

  • It Is Healthier

There is virtually no doubt that an e-bike is a healthier commuting option than other more popular transport choices, except maybe bicycles (and that is debatable). The reason is also not far-fetched: exercise is ideal for health. It is a no-brainer if asked whether you want to sit in a car every single day or get outside, get some fresh air, and use your muscles and lungs.

Riding can help you release the chemicals of “joy” to your brain. Chemicals like dopamine and serotonin can help make you feel happier while eliminating the risks of developing cancer. Getting outside in the morning and enjoying some vitamin D will be doing your body a world of good, especially since you are getting some exercise while at it.

  • It Is Fun

Let’s be honest, how are you going to have a fun time commuting when all you have to look forward to is your boring, annoying routine in a car? This is not to say cars cannot be fun, but with speed limits, traffic safety laws, and red lights to obey, how much fun are you having on your daily drive to work?

Riding a bike is all about cutting through traffic, cutting through the streets, and cutting through the breeze. The feeling of being on top of the world associated with catching the wind can only be enjoyed when you are outside in the breeze to enjoy it. And if driving is so interesting, why do you want to be on your smartphone at the same time?

This excitement is not so out of reach. Try adding an e-bike to your daily commute and watch it work wonders on your demeanor towards work as you approach your office on your e-bike, riding assist mode.

  • It Is Futuristic

Yes, we said it. E-bikes are vehicles that are more in line with an eco-friendly transport option, an important tool in the global climate crisis. E-bikes create lesser pollution for the environment, either in use or immobile.

In a futuristic setting where the roads are electric as well with less room for the daily wear of heavy vehicles, an e-bike will be useful even for casually going out. If more people adopted this in the future, this would mean the near elimination of traffic congestion. Bear in mind that the speed of the average car in traffic has not increased over time.

E-bikes will be the sweet option to move about freely and park without hassling over parking spots. Yes, a future where parking spots do not cause friction is within reach, and e-bikes may be the key.

In Conclusion

Gas prices are not the only reason e-bikes are getting so popular for daily use and commuting, but we have observed that finances can compel people to extol the virtues of a product.

E-bikes are an undeniable part of our culture that is evolving daily and seeing rapid developments that make them more suitable for mainstream usage. The best e-bikes are known for two main things: their battery life and their weight. Your KBO e-bike has an extended battery life that can provide up to 50 miles on a single charge. The body is built from heavy-duty aluminum that is strong but light.

Right now is the best time to envision a transition from your daily commute with a car to the smoother, healthier option of an e-bike.

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