Why Choosing Telehealth Programs Are Budget-friendly?

Behold as healthcare’s future has finally arrived. Don’t you wish your doctor could just come to your house and perform a diagnosis and write prescriptions? Your wish has been granted and made possible because Telehealth services allow you to communicate with your doctor from the comfort of your own home using any video-enabled technology such as Zoom or Skype. Compared to in-person visits, which cost around $120 per visit, telehealth sessions can save you $141 every visit. Not only that, but merely going to the doctor’s office will save you $156 in travel costs and nine years of travel time. Read ahead and find out three ways to choose Telehealth programs that are budget-friendly.

Importance of Telehealth in 2022

Telehealth has made accessing healthcare much easier now. Did you know that an average US citizen earns $4265 per month and spends $456 on medical care alone? Telehealth initiatives seek to halve the amount of money spent on healthcare. It has made things easier for people with mobility issues as well. So, if you have a disability, there is no need to rely on others to take you to your doctor. Moreover, there’s no need to put your life on hold to go to the doctor if you’re a stay-at-home mom or have a demanding job schedule. Simply use Telehealth services to connect with your doctor and get the treatment you deserve.

1- Saves Traveling Time And Costs

Seventy-four percent of patients prefer simple healthcare services to face-to-face interactions with doctors. What could be more convenient than having your healthcare practitioner visit you at home, on your schedule? Telehealth has made it much easier to contact doctors and receive urgent care. Spending a fourth of your money on gas is not a good decision when Telehealth services are readily available. When you choose Telehealth versus traveling to a clinic, you save time and money on transportation. Did you know that some low-income families in New Jersey spend up to 20% of their income on gas? 

Using Telehealth services lets you save all the time you spend traveling to the clinic and back home. With Telehealth, there is no need to take a break or change your work schedule to travel to the on-site clinic to get the suboxone prescription. With the ever-rising gas prices in the US, people are shifting their focus toward Telehealth. 

2- Reduces Additional Clinic Costs

Telehealth has altered how people receive treatment; you can live miles away from a clinic and yet get your care. Telehealth bridges the gap between you and your physician. Your doctor is always available on the other end of a Telehealth call, regardless of location or time. The additional clinic costs are reduced with Telehealth, including:

  • Admission fees
  • Doctor’s fees
  • Service charges

All the above-mentioned additional costs are reduced as with Telehealth; you will only be required to submit the doctors’ fees. Even doctors’ fees are low compared to when visiting your doctors on-site. Using telehealth lets you receive treatment at home and therefore eliminating the need to submit any hidden charges. If you are suffering from addiction, you can even get Suboxone and Subutex prescribed to you using Telehealth. 

3- Provides At-home Drug Testing

Drug addiction is becoming more popular, and concerned parents and companies are looking for cost-effective and simple solutions to test their children and employees for drugs in their systems. At-home drug testing has never been easier, thanks to Telehealth. Anyone can use at-home drug tests instead of going to an on-site doctor. The drug testing kits are supplied to your address, and you will do the tests in front of your doctor, who will electronically observe each step. Telehealth gives you a chance to save money that you would have spent on taking a simple drug test. Just follow these easy steps and perform an at-home drug test:

  • Receive drug testing kit in the mail and schedule an online meeting
  • Collect the sample under a doctor’s supervision.
  • Read results and send the specimen back to the laboratory for further evaluation.
  • Discuss future treatment options with your doctor virtually. 

4- Telehealth services are time-effective and budget-friendly

People are not calling Telehealth “the future of healthcare” without reason. No one wants to burden themselves with expensive treatment options. Hence, Telehealth is preferred by most patients due to its easier access and budget-friendly nature. Telehealth has made obtaining medical help much more convenient. Telehealth is the ideal option with Covid-19 and rising gas prices. 

Bottom Line: 

Telehealth services are offered 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for anyone who lives in a rural place or has mobility issues. ChoicePoint is a telemedicine urgent care facility that focuses on serving New Jersey residents. Our DEA-certified clinicians at ChoicePoint provide MAT-based addiction treatment.