Why Are Online Plagiarism Checkers Important For Teachers And Educators During The COVID-19 Pandemic? Techbuddys Explains The Details

(via ZEXPR) An introduction to online plagiarism checkers for academic and research use. Why Are They Important for students and educators?

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed many lives and industries, including the education system. The online education trend has increased for the last 2 years, forcing institutes to provide online teaching and examine students through a laptop.

Working and learning from home is the best way to slow down the virus spread, but it also raises another issue. There are, of course, lazy bluffers who take advantage of online learning by working as fast as pressing Ctrl C and Ctrl V. This phenomenon is challenging for teachers to score based on the student’s honesty. A plagiarism checker is built to handle this issue by checking the uniqueness of academic papers.

As an education practitioner, the team at Techbuddys’s team collected the 7 most helpful plagiarism detectors for institutes and teachers:


Prepostseo It is one of the most accurate plagiarism checkers online. Students and lecturers rely significantly on this tool due to its high efficiency. Users need to copy and paste their text or upload any saved file from their computer. The tool will then run a check on the internet sources, multiple databases, and online libraries for any matched results and highlights them. If there is some paraphrased line, this tool will also let the user know it. The interactive UI design is easy to understand by showing a score at the side and the matched sources for citation convenience. 

 The tool has a free plan to check 1,000 words per query and an affordable paid plan for heavy users to scan more queries. With its mobile application and its ability to review documents in various languages such as Espanol, French, Indonesian, etc., PrepostSEO has become one of the complete duplicate checking tools. 


Turnitin is another tool that is widely used by institutes and universities worldwide. It is specially built for academicians who work in institutions. It has an automatic grading system called GradeMark. Instead of just a plagiarism checker, Turnitin is more like an all-in-one assessment tool that will remind students to submit their assignments through email, host a virtual meeting, and enable teachers to drop a voice or written comment. 


Smallseotools takes pride in being trusted by thousands of teachers and learners. Like many top-notch detectors, it also searches deeply for plagiarism. It allows checking nearly 15,000 words for free. The tool also has a grammar checker and word count feature to reduce the teachers’ workload. Similar to other tools, SmallSEOTools show a plagiarism comparison result between the paper and the source. 

The tool is available as a WordPress plugin, widget, and API access, making it handy to connect with other applications. 


Copyscape is a beautifully designed plagiarism checker. They claim to search from millions of online sources and databases and to have helped over a million teachers and students. It allows copy-pasting and upload documents of many formats and ensures privacy and a lighting speed process. The pay-as-you-go option is well worth it, considering the feature that enables teachers to use it as a widget on their class web page.


This free plagiarism checker is another favorite due to its high accuracy. It gives a detailed report that includes originality score, grammatical errors, and similarity report, showing the similarity between the article and the matched source. 


As a reliable tool for teachers and educators, Unicheck can scan over 16 billion documents on the internet. This tool also checks for any similarity in academic papers against online stored libraries and educational databases. Specifically designed for online learning, Unicheck can be added to online Google Classroom and Moodle. Unlike Prepost, Unicheck’s plagiarism checker only works as a paid service after a 3-week free trial.

An educator needs to be fair to all students. Students who work really hard and honestly deserve good grades, while dishonest work needs to be filtered through an online plagiarism checker. 

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