Who is Derek Moneyberg? The 3 Factors that Grew His Business to 7 Figures in the First Year

Building long-term wealth may sound enticing, but not everybody can do so.  While entrepreneurs are busy trying to maximize revenues and profits, building wealth often takes a back seat. Building wealth requires a careful strategy, and professional guidance is always recommended. Derek Moneyberg is a widely successful wealth coach who has helped several clients multiply their wealth.

Derek Moneyberg has built a large clientele from around the world due to his unique work approach. There are numerous factors due to which Derek Moneyberg has been able to become a leading wealth coach. The first and foremost being that Derek Moneyberg did not choose to be a wealth coach as his career to earn money. It is the people who chose him to be their wealth coach because of his aptitude. Secondly, Derek Moneyberg shares honest advice with his clients, helping them scale their businesses to 7 digits as well. Thirdly, Derek Moneyberg has a reputation for being a tough mentor to his clients. He keeps the client’s long-term goals without allowing the client’s short term feelings to influence their decisions. All these factors set Derek Moneyberg apart from other wealth coaches.

“Nobody is willing to go as far as I will with my clients. Most people cannot get out of their own way, and that is why they need mentors like me in the first place. The worst thing a coach can do is let their clients off the hook. I expect them to set high goals and make Herculean efforts to follow my instruction to get there. If someone has a problem with that, I have no problem kicking them off my program. I didn’t get into this business for the money. I want to help develop world-class entrepreneurs to have in my network.”

After quitting his job as manager at a Walmart store in Illinois at the age of 19, Derek Moneyberg started with property management, which he turned profitable within a short period of time. He also took the opportunity to invest in the stock market, especially during and after the recession, which allowed him to multiply his already rapidly growing net worth. It was only after seeing Derek Moneyberg making money at such a fast pace that one of his friends invited him to be on his adviser’s board. With Derek Moneyberg’s guidance, the business scaled up to an 8 figure annual revenue within only a couple of years.

As people got to know about Derek Moneyberg’s talent for helping businesses scale up, everyone wanted his advice. Derek Moneyberg decided to become a wealth coach four years back, and he has garnered substantial success during this time. He is considered the ‘secret weapon’ in many high-profile celebrity and entrepreneurial individuals, and is the guiding force behind many other people’s success at the personal as well as professional front. Although most of his clients are business professionals and established entrepreneurs from around the world, Derek Moneyberg has also worked and currently works with celebrity, royalty, and professional athletes.

Derek Moneyberg has built many successful businesses, including a multimillion-dollar local property management company, a multinational property investment company, and his wealth coaching company.

“It might surprise you that I don’t like most people. I like to keep my team small and my circle of clients tight. When I admit a client to one of my mentorship programs, they usually come on all 3 and then join me on my mastermind. Naturally, I’m in very high demand as a result, but still keep my programs small so I can focus on the most ambitious professionals, investors, and entrepreneurs. It would be wasted on some average person…”

Seeing his clients transform and achieve success gives Derek immense satisfaction. He helps his clients set new goals to strive towards. It is solely due to Derek Moneyberg’s involvement with his clients on a personal level that the clients come back to him repeatedly. He has been able to acquire the trust of his clients only through word of mouth and tangible results.