White Peak Digital now offers a free Content Management System selector!

The first step in creating a great website is selecting the right content management system (CMS) for your needs. There are several quality systems available with many of the same features, and you really can’t make a bad choice. Sites such as WordPress and Squarespace offer easy to use automated and interactive templates, and they can help you design and publish your new website in a matter of minutes. They also offer intuitive backend functionality so that you can easily update and customize your site over time. For example, if you’re an online retailer, you can easily add new products to your catalog. If you’re interested in keeping your site updated with SEO-rich blog content, it’s now as easy to publish updates as easily as it is to send an email message. And if you’re just a hobbyist or an inventor with a single product, a single landing page featuring product information and an order form might be all you need.

The truth is that at the start most small businesses don’t always know exactly what they need: they often don’t know what they don’t know. That’s where our team at White Peak Digital comes in! We’re Brisbane’s leading digital design agency, and our mission is to get your business online and in front of your prospective customers right away. We offer the full range of web design and publishing services at prices that you can easily afford, and can also perform most of our services remotely. We believe in putting our customers first, and have a vested interest in helping them bring their vision to life through high quality web design, brand design, digital marketing, and copywriting services. Contact us at any time for a consultation, and we’ll be happy to make specific recommendations. Be sure to also sign up for our free downloadable “make money in your sleep” document for some great ideas!

White Peak Digital also offers a free Content Management System (CMS) Selector to help you get started – which you can check out on there website, here. By answering a few easy questions, you’ll be on your way to creating an exciting and dynamic website that gets results:

What type of website are you building?

The easiest and most important question to answer is the scope of your website. A business that operates exclusively online obviously depends on a great online presence, but it’s no less important to a traditional brick and mortar business. We always encourage our clients to think of their websites as both advertisements that run around the clock, and salesmen that never take vacations. Now that the worst parts of the Covid pandemic are behind us, customers are going to be ready to go shopping again. If you run a physical store, you need to prepare for an increase in business. But your web presence augments and enhances your business in many important ways. Some months you might even sell more products online than you do in your store. If you’re a contractor, you want prospective clients to learn about you and your services and know how to contact you to solicit a bid. And maybe you’re finally listening to the people who tell you that you can sell your craft projects. Whatever the case, an online presence is a must.

Are you hiring a developer or creating this website yourself?

One of the great things about web publishing is that you don’t have to have a lot of design experience to create a website. There are a wide variety of templates to help you get started, and even the basics of using HTML code and CSS style sheets can be learned quickly. So why would you hire a developer? For the same reason that you would hire any contractor. You can save yourself some money painting your own house, but most of us have enough common sense to know that we’re better off paying someone to do the work.

How many pages does your website need?

Depending on who you talk to, the ideal number of pages on a website can be as as few as one, and as many as several hundred. There’s really no fast answer to this question, but something you should keep in mind as you plan your new site. A simple product that only requires an ordering system will have very different needs than a high tech company

What’s most important to you?

This question is perhaps the most complex, and the most personal. The majority of drivers on the road prefer the ease of an automatic transition, but some seasoned drivers prefer to roll their own gears. Money is tight for all businesses, but a larger company often needs to spend money to make money. When it comes to CMS and web hosting, the cost has dropped drastically (or been eliminated altogether), but the important thing is ease of use for both development on the front end and maintenance on the back end.

Review your recommendations

After you have answered your questions, you will then be provided specific recommendations tailored to your choices. The majority of our clients prefer using WordPress or Squarespace, and there are definitely advantages to using a popular platform that will provide a viewing and browsing experience that is familiar.

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