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Take a peek in the life of the Social Influencer and

the creative mind behind of the WB Podcast & Biz 305 – Whilly Bermudez

After two years of requests from loyal listeners, Whilly Bermudez, a former club promoter and radio personality decided to cast his ballot to become one of South Florida’s favorite voices – but this time, through his own podcasts – WB Podcast and the Biz 305.

In less than 2 months, The Whilly Bermudez YouTube channel has gained over 400 active subscribers and his social media platforms to over 100,000 followers.

These weekly podcasts star Whilly Bermudez interviewing interesting guests and tackling topics related to world news, business, and positive living. Despite its recent launch, Whilly’s new podcasts have been trending as one of the most popular in South Florida.

What drove him here? Let’s find out!

Whilly Bermudez, South Florida’s current talk of the town, has many talents, but most of you, especially those in the world of business, popularly know him as a successful marketing consultant, a creative entrepreneur, “The WB” – a social influencer, and now, the early success behind his two Podcasts! When asked about him, Whilly’s clients described him as a hardworking marketing consultant whose relentless pursuit to take concepts and ideas beyond their creative limits helped their businesses and events become the success that they are now.

And when it comes to philanthropy, Whilly’s hunger to help others has been evident through the years.

The more I learned, the more I wanted to know, and we couldn’t wait to put WB on the hot seat! We were curious to know him on a personal level and wanted to dive deeper into this world of creativity and media innovation.

1. Why did you start this and what do you aim to achieve from this podcast?

“While the podcast has only been on-air for two months now, I had never imagined that it would gain the love and support of over 100,000 listeners. Soon, my inbox was overflowing with guest suggestions and new ideas to include in the podcast – this made me so happy that I wanted to continue doing what I love. As for Biz 305, the incoming requests from eager entrepreneurs, excited to feature their innovation, marked its success!

2. Do you have a favorite guest who had appeared on your podcasts?

“This is a tough one because all guests are different and awesome! But, if I had to pick one, it would be my sidekick from my radio days, Abner “TNP” Aponte. He’s a good friend and always a blast when I bring him into a show.”

(Editor’s note: you should absolutely check it out on his channel)

3. Was there an unforgettable quote made by any of your podcasts’ guests?

“Everything ends badly, otherwise it wouldn’t end”

4. Tell us about your favorite episode.

“So far, my favorite episode because of the substance is, “Race in America.” In this very episode, I tackle the sensitive topic of Racism. My guest was immigration attorney Mayra Joli.”

5. What is your most prized possession or commodity?

“Time, of course! We are only on the earth for a moment, a fragment of time, and we cannot wait for a ‘defining moment.’ All moments define us. We should spend all of our time moving towards love, happiness, and making our mark in the world through good deeds.”

6. What is going on in your life/what are you working on?

“Aside from my podcast, I am working on creating concepts for documentaries. My lifelong dream is to produce films for television and the big screen.”

7. How do you wish to help entrepreneurs with Biz 305?  What’s your advice for startups/entrepreneurs?

“I always use a piece of advice that I learned while getting certified as a Scuba Diver, ‘plan your dive and dive your plan.’ Always do your homework before creating a business. Study the industry, the landscape, and your competitors. 

BIZ 305 helps showcase local businesses that have great reputations and work hard to deliver quality for their customers. The right approach to finding quality providers is to hear directly from those that run the business, not just those on the front lines. BIZ 305 goes beyond the reviews! because anyone can write them. I only give weight to video testimonials where I can see and hear directly from the customer that had the experience.”

8. And what are your plans for the future?

“I would love to continue expanding the podcasts, creating film concepts, and traveling the world!”

Alongside his successes, Whilly always tried to remain grounded. He has continued his philanthropy and aims to instill and encourage positive living in young children and people all over the world. He has written a children’s book called ‘WB’ and ‘The 10 Good Things’ that he has distributed at no charge to schools and homeless shelters for the past few years. Through the years, he has helped many charities and hopes to continue doing so.

Catch WB in action every Tuesday at 8PM EST on his social media platforms! @WhillyBermudez

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