While introducing a global NFT sneaker marketplace, Iconic Sneakers Club announces their NFT presale in 10 days

Following the explosive growth of the metaverse, this project might just be the ideal investment opportunity for sneakerheads across the globe.

Soon after the launch of Iconic Sneakers Club NFT, this project will be introducing a global NFT sneaker marketplace where users can buy, sell, and create NFT sneakers. It builds upon the concept previously laid by the peer-to-peer marketplace “StockX.” Through the SneakSea online platform, Iconic Sneakers connect creators and sneakerheads worldwide.

The primary focus of SneakSea is to unite the sneakerhead communities under one platform. Users can use a wide range of tools available on this marketplace to create exceptional designs and list them up for sale. This concept also offers artists an incredible opportunity to earn from their passion. It is truly an admirable attempt by the developers to establish Iconic Sneakers as a sustainable and profitable project.

With the NFT market growing in double digits each month, projects like Iconic Sneakers bring an incredible window to investors. NFT projects backed by such practical use cases experience tremendous growth shortly after the pre-sale period. As the project is listed on significant platforms, investors fail to capitalize on thousands of dollars in potential gains. So, it might be thoughtless to wait out the presale period and pass up on this great opportunity. Visit their website to get updates on the presale timer.

About “Iconic Sneakers”

Iconic Sneakers is a new NFT project introducing a limited supply of 10,000 unique sneaker designs. These designs will include Air Jordans and many artistic designs that owners can put on a display. The Iconic Sneakers NFT project is further launching a peer-to-peer marketplace to sustain its growth in the metaverse. Follow the link to their website to secure an NFT sneaker through the presale period.

Media Contact

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Website: http://www.iconicsneakersclub.com/

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Upcoming MarketPlace: https://sneaksea.art/

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