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When is the Best Time to Shop New Furniture?

Shopping for new furniture is always exciting, but you want to make sure you are getting the best deal for the best quality. If you shop for furniture during the right times, you can easily save money.

Best Time to Purchase New Furniture

Different types of furniture will have different times to purchase. For example, indoor furniture will have better sales in the winter while outdoor furniture will have better sales in the summer. 

When to Buy Indoor Furniture

Furniture typically works on a biannual release schedule, meaning new styles are released every fall and spring. The best time to purchase new indoor furniture is right before these new styles are released each year. 

Indoor furniture will start to go on sale close to the end of winter in the months of January and February or the end of summer in August and September. The current furniture gets discounted to make room for the new styles. 

Whether you are looking for bedroom furniture or Moncton living room furniture, you will have luck with sales around these times! There are also generally good sales on indoor furniture during President’s Day and Labor Day weekends!

When to Buy Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture will usually go on sale in the summer between Fourth of July and Labor Day. This is because most people have cookouts and barbecues to celebrate. New outdoor furniture styles are usually released in March or April, so stores typically want to have their inventory clear by the end of summer.

Some stores might even have sales on outdoor furniture into early fall. This is a great option if you are trying to get the best deal for furniture that you are planning to store until the following summer.

When to Buy Office Furniture

If you need to buy some new office furniture, the best time to buy is going to be around the time that school is starting back up. New styles are released from October to December, do stores put office furniture on sale in August and September. This also makes it more affordable for students going back to school.

When to Buy Custom Furniture

If you are interested in getting some custom furniture made, the best time to buy will vary. It will depend on your local modern and affordable furniture store and when they typically run discounts and sales for their custom work.