Market Watch

What’s your name? Mahdi Pourzaferani

Please share some details about your background. (Your story): I have been involved in programming since 2008, and have worked on Security / Infiltration projects. After a few years, I became proficient in programming.

I joined OpticGaming and EAsport in 2011 and became a member of their programming team.

And I had a Security Manager degree in OpticGaming and I was a Network Programmer inside EAsport. A few years later, I received the title of Security Reasercher from the Programming Group.

And inside EAsport I got the degree of Supervisor … Over the years, I have designed plugins for large servers and large companies.

Which was to protect their information And do not cause them to be hacked or infiltrated. I joined the RockStar domestic team after a long time.

And I was working on the games of this company. I have added more than 1000 types of addons. Then I started a company with the same theme of Rockstar games And we design all kinds of plugins for games and also We operate Internet Solutions / Internet Service Provider / Gaming Service Provider / Web Hosting

Please share details about your entrepreneurial activities.:

My entrepreneurship is related to the security of large companies

By doing this, entrepreneurship prevents 290+ types of attacks on sites!

Why entrepreneurship?

Because in those days there were no such entrepreneurship at all. And it was easy to infiltrate or hack into a site And I decided to design a plugin to prevent this.

And now this plugin is used in large sites such as OVH, Hetzner, AMAZON SERVERS

Why did you choose this particular area of business?High interest

What are some of your most notable achievements? Master Security Researcher degree inside programming group.

As well as managing the EAsports games security team and also Inside 19+ different programming teams. What’s your philosophy? (Please share your personal mission and vision for your life and businesses): I am also working on identifying types of attacks and moving forward And I want to crack down on hackers.

What advice do you have for people who are trying to make similar moves? We are in the field of technology. Be realistic and try and try. Is there anything else you’d like to share?

Currently im founder of a business on Kentucky state on USA the Company is in process of Developing, Creating, Testing, Implementing and Delivering a New Model of Internet Solutions, Internet Service Provider, Gaming Service Provider, and Web Clouds introduced by “FiveM Store L.L.C”, (the “Concept”) to be used by the Company in the Company’s servicing business (the “Business”).

The Company is further Creating, Testing, Implementing and Delivering a business model to be used by a third party where it can use the business as part of their existing business; the Company is the sole owner or bearer of a certain system, services, techniques and processes, customer, investors and supplier database, operational and other information (including, but not limited to, market research and business plan), whether in written or oral form, operational and other information, pertaining to the Business (the “Confidential Information”)

What contact details should be included in your press release? Email, Business – personal gmail – business email