What’s new with the trending Artist CMILL444?

A hot artist never fails to get a lot of recognition, especially an artist who doesn’t make commercial music.  An artist that makes good music that not only touches people’s hearts, but also motivates them to become a better version of themselves, believing in all that’s good in this world is highly sought after. One such renowned artist is CMILL444.

Check out his album High Off Life, if you haven’t already. It contains 17 addicting songs, all from different genres. He does not focus on one particular kind of music but provides diverse options, so that people from any part of the world with unique music taste can relate to his music. CMILL444 makes music for all generations. He has a knack to adapt to different flow patterns and creates melodies on the spot.

The young artist from Michigan managed to win a number of first place awards at the IMTA (International Model and Talent Association) in New York. He was sure he wanted to do big things at a young age.  It all started with a MacBook and Apple headphones in the basement. 2018 was the starting point, and now he has established himself pretty well. Even though music is the most important thing to him, he wants to focus on himself apart from continuously making masterpieces. One might find this pretty fishy, but when we get into the depths of it, this is the right way to develop and pursue a successful career. Only a positive and mentally healthy person is able to provide positivity to others. “I would like to focus on myself as well as my environment, meditation and manifesting all the good things life has to offer,” says CMILL444.

He has a number of upcoming songs too, and the most anticipated one is his hit-single “SunKissed”that will be released on June 25th. People are still enjoying his “High Off Life” album, yet here he is coming back again with more hits on the way! How do you think this single will turn out? Stay updated with his official website to know more details. CMILL444 is out here giving everyone a phenomenal experience through music. Participate and find your purpose.  There is great pleasure in supporting such a marvelous artist.

Starting off the summer with “SunKissed” a smash hit that is coming soon. June 25th it will be live on all platforms following the release of the music video the next week. This year is starting to look a lot better already.  Get ready for summer with CMILL444! Support your favorite artist, like, comment and share.