What To Look For In A Storage Unit For Winter Storage

Clearwater, Florida – In the world of storage units, no two types of units are exactly the same. Some are large and accessible from the exterior, while others can accommodate a small or modest household in a climate-controlled environment. Choosing between storage units isn’t always easy, especially in the winter when the weather can be unpredictable. Although it’s fairly temperate throughout Clearwater, it still pays to know what to look for in a storage unit.

SecureSpace Self Storage Clearwater offers a variety of options for individuals, families, and businesses to store their excess all year long. However, it’s not always easy to know which unit, exactly, is best for all needs. Today, the company shares tips on how people looking to securely store their personal or business property can do so by making the right decision.

Staff at SecureSpace Self Storage Clearwater note that location matters perhaps most of all. It does not matter where a person lives; if they are too far away from their storage unit, they may forget about it or not be able to keep up with their items as they should. However, people that do not need to access their storage units regularly may save quite a bit of money by looking on the outskirts of town for something more affordable than they would find in a metropolitan area.

Storage units also come with a variety of amenities. For example, SecureSpace Self Storage Clearwater prioritizes both security and pest control. Visitors to this clean and modern location can expect an electronic smart gate, added security, and routine pest control. People who live in an area where the weather can fluctuate wildly might wish to look for storage units with climate control. Those living in a bad part of town might also opt for a location with video surveillance or on-site property managers. All storage unit owners should look for a fenced, clean, well-maintained, and gated facility.

Individuals and businesses looking to frequently access their storage space might choose a drive-up storage unit. Drive-up storage units are typically on a lower level or attached to a single-story building. These are designed with quick access and convenience in mind. Storage unit owners can park directly outside of their units to make loading and unloading easier. Commonly called outdoor storage units, drive-up options are typically less expensive than those that are heated and cooled.

Speaking of heating and cooling, SecureSpace Self Storage Clearwater recommends climate-controlled storage units for people with certain storage needs. Musicians, for example, should make sure they choose a heated and cold unit that’s less prone to humidity when storing valuable musical equipment. Those who store antiques are likewise cautioned against using outdoor storage, as temperature fluctuations and changes in humidity can negatively affect wood, paper, and other delicate materials, including clothing.

Convenient hours are another consideration that most people should consider. While it’s not usually necessary to have 24-hour access to a storage unit, SecureSpace Self Storage says that having the opportunity to deliver and retrieve personal items seven days a week is important. SecureSpace Self Storage Clearwater offers convenient daily access hours from 6 AM until 10 PM.

Ultimately, a person’s choice in storage units should be based on their needs, budget, and location. Although it seems like an easy decision on the surface, SecureSpace Self Storage Clearwater assures that it is not. For people with vulnerable items, the decision between storage units is one that should not be made lightly, and those considerations above should be weighed well before the need for storage emerges.

SecureSpace Self Storage Clearwater offers affordable indoor and outdoor storage units to fit any budget. To see what’s currently available, visit the website or head down to 16809 US Highway 19 N. Clearwater.

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