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What Should Be Considered When Buying an Ice Machine?

Refrigeration systems have become more important in the long-term preservation of goods. Ice machines are vital in meat, dairy and fish products. So, what should be considered when buying an ice machine? What are the types of ice machines?

What should be considered when buying an ice machine?

Since ice machines are among the most preferred products of industrial kitchens, the choice of ice machine has also been very important. There is a wide variety of professional ice machines on the market that can meet different needs. Termodizayn officials support with their expert staff on cooling and ice machines. It helps you with frequently asked questions about industrial ice machines and which ice machines you should buy. Termodizayn’s professional team, which is just a phone call away, answers every question you ask about ice machines and offers you the product you need, allowing you to work more efficiently.

Now, let’s give you a brief information about the types of ice machines that can meet your needs. You can find more detailed information on products from Termodizayn’s web page at this link.

Types of Ice Machines

There are many types of ice machines, which are among the very important products for the industry. Ice machines can produce ice from both fresh and salt water. The most important feature of these machines is that they can work as air cooled or water cooled.

Ice Machine Prices

The ice machine, like other machines, has a wide price range. You can get information from Termodizayn officials about the price according to the ice machine preference.

Termodizayn Ice Machines

Termodizayn is a brand in Turkey and abroad with high performance and quality various ice production machines suitable for your needs. The ice machines in the Termodizayn product range were recognized in a short time thanks to their performance. TERMODİZAYN ice machines, produced with the latest technology, provide a high level of efficiency in their field with their environmentally friendly and energy saving aspects. Termodizayn ice machines are produced for commercial and industrial applications and designed accordingly.

* TERMODIZAYN presents its products with CE label.

* Termodizayn products have reached a wide range of sales in European, Asian, Arab and African countries.

* It has always been in a different position among its competitors in tropical climate conditions and industrial designs.

* By closely following the changes and innovations in technology, Termodizayn is able to switch to new technologies in a short time thanks to its practical, dynamic staff and flexible production structure.

* Termodizayn ice machines work efficiently and do not let you down. Termodizayn, which is always behind you with its technical service opportunities, allows you to work efficiently by solving your problems in a short time wherever you are in the world with its assurance.


Ice Machines

* Flake Ice Machine (Fresh Water)

* Flake Ice Machine (Sea Water)

* Container Type Flake Ice Machines

* Block Ice Machines

* Block Ice Machines (Brine Type)

* Mobile Block Ice Machines (Press Type)

* Tube Ice Machines

* Cube Ice Machines

* Plate Ice Machine

* Ice Silos

* Ice Compactor

* Ice Packing Unit

* Flake Ice Drums (Fresh Water)

* Flake Ice Drums (Sea Water)

* Gel Ice Machines


Termodizayn provides service with fully equipped service vehicles with 48 regional services spread all over Turkey, with 24 hours / 365 days service assurance. It has taken its productions, which are under warranty for 1 year, under the guarantee of fast service. On the other hand, Termodizayn has authorized services in many countries abroad. Final and permanent solutions are offered by applying the service system within 24 hours in the country and abroad. Monthly periodical maintenance services for devices out of warranty period are carried out on time thanks to Termodizayn service network.