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What Should A Downloader Must Have?

We have seen many tools for downloading data from YouTube and Facebook. Some tools look suitable for us but an ordinary person does not know that which things must be considered before selecting a tool to download videos from Facebook. Facebook is an application that auto-play videos for you in the news feed or other videos but there is no option to download the videos. So we have to use the extensions and downloaders to download the videos from Facebook. These downloaders must have some useful features.

One of the most commonly used downloaders is FBDOWN but they have changed their name to FDOWN. This downloader keeps in view your requirements before downloading the videos. They have changed their name to but their features are unchanged their services are as good as always. They are continuously updating their servers to provide the best services to the users. The updated features are displayed on the web page. Fdown take care of the requirements of its users and if we look at the requirements of users A downloader must have the following features.

Quality Of Video

The downloader must download the videos with high-quality resolution. In some cases, people want to download the video in average quality to save their data package. So an ideal video downloader should customize the video quality for the users. If must show the options of resolution to download video from Facebook.

Some downloaders ask each time before downloading and some have the option to select in settings which video quality is your preference. So you don’t need to change each time you download the video. You can also set the option of “ask each time” or set your preference then the downloader will not ask again.

Video quality is very much important when we display a video the first thing that could make a difference in video quality. Video quality can give the comfort of watching the video smoothly And the customized video quality is also an ideal thing. Because the different users have different preferences. High video quality provides a clearer image. The downloader like fbdown takes care of these features to satisfy their users.

Downloading Options

Users prefer those services that give various options to their users. Because they can use the downloader according to the requirements. Each user can use these options according to their own requirements. Some users like to download a single video. But some users want an entire playlist. Or all the videos in a particular album. So downloader must give have a feature to download the files in bulk. You can also copy the entire playlist in your mobile phone and computer systems. This will be more convenient for the users.

As compared to opening each video and then downloading it and then moving it to a particular Folder to manage the data. So a downloader do all these things for you and downloads the entire playlist for you in a separate folder which could be very much convenient for the users.

Format Selection Feature

There is another feature of the selection of the format of a file. If you want to download a file in mp3 format or MP4 format or any other format or your requirements. The downloader has the features to give you the option to select a format of a file before downloading it. It will save you from the extra fatigue of finding a converter to convert the format of the file to the desired format.

If your downloader has the feature to select the format then it would be convenient to select the format before downloading it. Instead of downloading a file and then converting it into the desired format. This process will also generate the extra stuff in your device. Which will occupy a certain space in your device. So it is a useful feature to offer downloads in different formats.