What Is UCaaS, And How Does It Affect A Business?

Nashville, TN – Gone are the days when businesses were operated with everyone in one central location. Today, the advent of the digital age has made it possible for business owners, managers, employees, customers, and vendors to communicate from anywhere at any time and in many different ways. Bringing all of these platforms together is UCaaS (United Communications as a Service) and, in some cases, CCaaS (Call Center/Contact Center as a Service). Nashville-based Pivotel Networks explains exactly what all this means to help clarify the confusion.

There are many different ways that businesses can communicate. The tried-and-true business phone system is one, but business internet services also make it possible to email, text message, and even voice and video call. UCaaS is at the backbone of all of these.

UCaaS companies provide the technology and infrastructure that allow other businesses to keep their communications integrated. When businesses don’t have a centralized office or utilize a remote workforce, having access to consistent and reliable communication technology is key. UCaaS companies provide everything from phones to business internet to cyber security to managed SD-WAN services. Together, this technology allows companies to collaborate on the cloud, via phone, through text messaging, or through other platforms.

UCaaS takes place entirely online. This means that companies no longer have to spend money on land lines unless they choose to invest in business phone systems for other practical reasons. Aside from cost savings, there are many other advantages of migrating to a UCaaS platform. To start, businesses can more easily allow for remote work and employee flexibility. Further, managers can be reached anywhere by anyone when they are needed.

UCaaS providers are also cyber security experts and typically have a team of IT professionals continually monitoring systems to ensure that data remains safe at all times. For this reason, companies that have many employees who travel or that live far away from headquarters can greatly benefit from unified communications.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of UCaaS is that it is quickly and easily scalable. Because it utilizes internet technology and the cloud, small businesses can add to their communication needs as they grow. All of this can take place without additional hardware; businesses may simply need to up their subscription and invest in additional online storage.

For businesses looking for more than just back-and-forth communication with their vendors and employees, Pivotel recommends CCaaS, which may also be called Contact Center as a Service. This is a software that offers flexibility and full scalability to businesses needing to intake calls, such as for customer service. Businesses can easily go from 1 to 100 “lines” with little to no interruptions to their daily operations.

Pivotel says that having the opportunity to move analog phone lines over into multiple digital communication platforms is ultimately better for businesses. Not only does it save money, but having multiple effective communication channels can help build better teams. When everyone has access to the same programs and platforms, there are fewer opportunities for misunderstandings, and, importantly, businesses can provide better customer service.

Pivotel Networks services businesses throughout Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin, and Knoxville, as well as Louisville, Kentucky. For more information about business solutions, including dedicated Internet service, cyber security, managed SD-WAN, business phone systems, CCaaS, or UCaaS, visit Pivotel online.

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