What Is The Elongate Crypto?

The cryptocurrency market has been buzzing for last couple of years and Elongate is the latest entrant in that. The cryptocurrency market has been buzzing for a while now and popular cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, and Bitcoin have been multi-baggers and every new product in the crypto market is welcomed with open arms. A new such product Elongate has garnered great interest by traders online. The speculation market since Elongate inception has been buzzing and traders have shown immense interest in that. The inception of Elongate Coin started after a tweet from the world’s richest man, Elon Musk. Elongate came into existence soon after the tweet and the speculation markets are expecting the currency to rise to the moon. The official website of Elongate has termed Elongate as a high yield, frictionless, deflationary coin. Elon Musk fans who are not into the crypto market yet have started trading in Elongate. The price have already started shooting up and a surge of 20-25% is a new normal with Elongate. 10% tax will also be levied on its trading and all the proceeds from that will go to various charities. 

Where one can buy Elongate?

All the big crypto exchanges like Coinbase or Binance haven’t started Elongate trading. It is not as popular as other cryptocurrencies yet but there are ways of trading it. If you have BNB (Binance Token), you can use them for trading Elongate. Transfer your BNB token to Pancakeswap and use them in exchange for purchasing Elongate. This is as of now the only way and once it gets popular, you may find it on almost all the exchanges where Crypto is traded. Elongate demand is high and people have started acquiring it not based on its face value but the speculations that are looming large.

Tips to buy Elongate

Cryptocurrency is one market where charts and all hardly matters. One can never figure out the demand and supply zone using the charts. Cryptocurrency is one market where the high-end is not defined and no major corrections have been seen in the crypto market yet. Like Elongate is a new commodity like Safemoon and once it starts rising, it will enter the uncharted territory where one can never predict the future. Hence, if you have decided to buy Elongate don’t look at the technical prospect but believe in the speculations that are associated with it. If even half of that is true, the prices will go beyond one’s imagination. Various sites show live prices along with volumes. If the volumes are on surge means the coin is bound to trade higher. One more thing that traders should keep in mind is that there’s no defined market cap of Elongate and circulation supply is the only thing that defines the prices of cryptocurrencies in general. Some alternative coins to Elongate includes the established names in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Binance Coin, and Ethereum. If you are not willing to shed high bucks then there are some coins that are trading at a lesser price but are expected to rise include the likes of Dogecoin, Thether, and Cardano among others.