What Is The AIPAK Brand Known For?

AIPAK is based in China, it is an industry leader in one-stop pharmaceutical production, and packaging solution experts with more than 15 years of industry experience.

The following is a message from customers who have purchased products at AIPAK

“AIPAK is one of the most enjoyable experiences for me to buy products online. I am impressed by the excellent product consulting services and 24-hour after-sales service it provides. They are not only a good brand, but they are used in many brands with professional standards and services. It stands out from the rest and is definitely the winner of one of the many best brands I have studied in this industry.”

Every product produced by AIPAK, such as capsule filling machine, soft capsule packaging machine, blister machine, capsule line and packaging expander, has some of the highest evaluations you have seen. These customers have evaluated AIPAK in such a fanatical way brand.

Excellent quality, reliable brand, and excellent customer service level, such a recommended company is of course favored by customers all over the world.

The following article introduces some examples of the most popular AIPAK products, focusing on how customers think about the products and whether they think the company is a reliable and trustworthy brand.

Is AIPAK a Good Brand for Capsule Filling Machine?

Aipak is one of the most popular and reputable capsule filling machine brands. As the company that manufactures the best capsule filling machines, they have a good reputation and multiple choices in the capsule filling machine market.

As mentioned, Aipak capsule filling machine can fill empty capsules with various substances including medicine or nutrients. The capsule filler can fill the different sizes of capsules-#00-#5 or all safety capsules with filling accuracy up to 99.99%.

Example of comments from Aipak capsule filling machine :

  • I bought a lot of Aipak capsule filling machines, which are suitable for mass production. The encapsulating machine has good adaptability to medicines and empty capsules, good stability, and a high degree of automation.

Are Aipak Softgel Encapsulations Machine Good?

Aipak softgel encapsulations machine is also one of Aipak’s products with the highest evaluation. Customers have good feedback on the quality, speed, and customer service level of Aipak products.

Example of comments from Softgel Encapsulations Machine:

  • Stay with a great brand and you won’t be disappointed.
  • Have owned numerous amounts of their products and never an issue. If for any reason there is an issue, their customer service is second to none.
  • I buy Aipak products because I know that no matter what product I buy from Aipak, the product will stand the test of time.

Are Aipak Blister Packing Machine Good?

Aipak blister packaging machine is fully accordant with GMP requirement, applicable to the pharmaceutical, food, health care products packaging industry tablets, sugar-coated tablets, capsules, honey pill, cosmetic, injection and so on.

With innovative design, advanced function, simple operation, high output, the blister packaging machine are the most ideal packaging equipment in large and medium-size pharmaceutical enterprises, healthcare products, and the food industry.

Example of comments from blister packaging machine: 

  • You will see blister packaging has a good sealing ability, can be waterproof, moisture-proof, dust-proof, rust-proof, so that could extend the protection period.
  • Blister packaging is the ideal solution for products that need to stay immobilized, as the individualized and generally small compartments do not allow the products to move within the packaging.

Is Aipak Capsule Counting Line Good?

A tablet counting line is a complete filling and packaging line that includes counting, filling, capping, and labeling of capsules, pills, or tablets into bottles.

It consists of different machines connected with each other to make online operations.

Example of comments from tablet counting line:

  • You would not doubt that an automatic tablet counting line is cost-effective as it will save your labor costs and time compared with the traditional way of hand counting.
  • With the tablet counting machine, the errors are less than 1%, you will be quite clear of your numbers and act a quickly analyze of your production rate will also not be a difficult task for you.

Is Aipak Tube Filling Machine Good?

Aipak tube filling machine is a kind of packaging device that you will use to fill a various range of products such as cosmetic creams, toothpaste, lotion, shampoo, adhesives, ointment, shoe cream, and some other pharmaceuticals in all sorts of tubes like a plastic tube, aluminum tube, and laminated tube.

Example of comments from tube filling machine:

  • Aipak tube filling machine can be used in many industries, such as cosmetics, food, daily chemical products industry, enhance own a tube filling machine, you can image how many budgets you save.
  • Using a tube filling machine will help you to fill and seal various products in the correct tube in the shortest possible time, which is very time-saving and effective
  • What attracts me the most about Aipak tube filling machine is that it can reduce product waste and is the most effective way to save costs. And the AIPAK tube filling machine can adjust the filling unit and size I need, and the machine will run according to the set program to produce the corresponding quantity and quantity, avoiding waste

What makes Aipak a Reliable Company?

From the above, we have clearly felt how high the customer’s evaluation of AIPAK is. Indeed, this is why AIPAK company is loved by the public, but there are other reasons that make AIPAK this good brand, we will see below arrive:

  • Focus on product R&D while ensuring technology leadership and innovative features. All these machines meet GMP requirements and have CE certificates.
  • “Technological innovation” and “excellent quality” are always the target principles Aipak adheres to.
  • Customize and design the best equipment that satisfied your production requirements.
  • Aipak regards customers as God and promises service first, which has 24 hours online service as you need.

They are willing to grow:

Any brand needs to grow continuously. Another thing worth noting about this brand is that they don’t stop learning. Their goal is to continue to grow. For this reason, they always accept fresh ideas and new things and take risks.

Brands that focus on corporate growth are often more creative and innovative than ordinary companies and may lead the world in innovation.

Where to buy Aipak?

You can check all the Aipak products available from their official website, contact them and get your ideal products now!