What is an NFT?

You have probably heard of NFTs by now. They have been around for aprox. 7 years, but early 2021 was a big boom for the NFT world. In case you’re wondering what are we talking about, here’s a quick description:
NFT is short for Non-Fungible Token. Non-fungible means uniqueness and irreplaceability with another. For example, currencies are fungible tokens, e.g. 1 bitcoin can be traded with another 1 bitcoin, they represent the same thing.

In the simplest terms, NFTs are pieces of art (digital drawings, paintings, photography, music, videos). What separates NFTs from other forms of art is the technology behind them. Blockchain technology. This tech grants you incontestable ownership of your NFT.

Think of it like a piece of Monet or a Pokemon Card (your choice). There are copies all over the place (digitally it’s even easier to copy-paste), but there is only one original. You own that.

What is Mountain Gorilla Crew NFT project?

M.G.C. is a 2D collection of 10.000 Gorillas NFTs deployed on the Polygon Blockchain. Our NFTs grant you exclusive benefits, perks, giveaways and rewards, with more to come by achieving roadmap milestones.
Every single Mountain Gorilla is unique and randomly generated from a set of base layers. The storage of our NFTs (images/metadata) is decentralized (IPFS).

Gorilla Charity. Helping People. Saving Gorillas.

We will implement very soon(feb 2022) a method of gaining extra utility from your M.G.C. NFT. It will benefit only the M.G.C. NFT holders. Through this, we will implement donations to Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund(and others) and help real, live, gorillas.

You would ask yourself: What benefits do I have for buying one (or more) of your M.G.C. NFTs?

That’s a good question everyone should ask before buying 1 or more NFTs. Here’s our list of benefits for everyone that owns at least 1 M.G.C. NFT:

(Disclaimer: Some of the following points are in progress and will be unlocked through roadmap milestones)

  • Gorilla Charity
  • Own unique cool gorilla art.
  • Be part of a young community where giveaways, events and raffles are held.
  • Vote on future points of the roadmap
  • Have access to all future events for holders
  • Access to our future GAME where you can engage your Gorillas in battle with other players and other Gorillas
  • BTC rewards further down the roadmap
  • Exclusive IRL items / merch ( Like Gorilla hoodies, T-shirts, Caps , 3D Gorilla Toys , Your MGC on a frame and more )
  • You can sell it anytime and flip it.

Own our NFTs.

If you want to get your hands on our NFTs, there are a couple of ways to do that. But for any of them, you need to own a crypto wallet.
First, buy one directly from us through minting on the blockchain (check our official website for instructions). Second, you can buy from other owners on official marketplaces like OpenSea or TofuNFT.

If you want to learn more about Mountain Gorilla Crew NFT project :

Official Website: https://mountaingorillacrew.com/

Twitter handle: @mgcnfts