What Is an Electric Guitar, and How Is It Used?

A guitar that needs external amplification to produce sound. It requires a transducer to detect the vibrations of the string, which are then converted into electrical signals, and sound is produced. This sound can then be molded to achieve certain tone quality. Generally, pick produces sound, but some guitarists may also use their fingers or both. Guitarists possess several ways which can help shape the tone. Guitar’s tone, volume knobs, pickups, stompbox pedals, and amplifier can all produce various sounds. If you are searching for a unique type of guitar to perform with your band at a concert, you can purchase Reverend Guitars, made of Korina bodies.

Rich History of Electric Guitars

During the dominating band era, electric guitars came in demand. As the size of the orchestra increased, guitarists saw the need for amplification and electrification of guitars. The creators made their acoustic guitars. Jazz guitarists first used these guitars to play amplified single-note performances, and this wouldn’t have been possible using an acoustic guitar as their volume isn’t loud enough to stand out. However, the hollow body of the guitar was a pullback, which made a solid-body guitar that has been well-liked to this date. 

Types of Electric Guitar


This type of electric guitar possesses a solid body without hollow chambers. It uses a magnetic pickup to produce sound from strings through vibration. It has knobs and switches to manage volume, tone, and pickups. It doesn’t require electricity, but its amplifier does. With an amplifier, they produce a loud sound which is the opposite while unplugged. They are famous for rock and pop music. 


These guitars consist of a semi-hollow chamber and a solid block in the middle, due to which it has properties of an acoustic guitar but can also be used for amplification. They have magnetic pickups, and so the strings need to be metallic so that the pickup can detect vibrations properly. They possess a combined factor of acoustic and electric playing. 


It has a hollow body with electronic pickups. In these guitars, the hollow body vibrates along with the strings, and the pickup then utilizes both the vibrations to produce sound. They have minimal volume sound and a sweet tone. It is not well suited for live performances. 

Full hollow-body

Such guitars have large bodies made of plates of wood. Their volume is similar to acoustic guitars, suitable for small concerts. They originated during the jazz age and are called jazz boxes (jazz guitars). 

How to Master Your Guitar Playing Skills?

Like any other musical instrument, polishing your guitar playing skills requires immense practice. You must at least be aware of guitar chords to start with. Further complexities can be learned through detailed lessons. The internet can also be used as a tutor if you like working independently. Perhaps, it is not always essential to master all the techniques. A player sets up his practice routine according to his individual goals.