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What happens when the two different worlds of e-commerce and entertainment collide?

If we glance back at the days, an entrepreneur had to put extra hard work into making their product physically present in the market. They did so by sharing pamphlets to every passerby, creating awareness about their product through word of mouth, newspaper advertisements, and so on and so forth. Eventually, with time, the enhancement in technology brought in better opportunities and ways for entrepreneurs to make their products seen by a larger number of people. 

No matter how small or huge a business is in the present market, owning and exhibiting business ideas and products on an e-commerce website, guarantees better recognition and global reach. Those times are gone when people wanted to venture out and physically look at things before shopping. The return policy of many e-commerce websites has made online shopping a preferred way of buying and selling things online. 

One of the most important aspects of e-commerce is marketing, as it takes a brand from a brick-and-mortar business to an innovative and unconventional brand. This helps in showcasing products and exposing them to people 24 hours with online customer service, blogs, and social media. This side of e-commerce gives freedom to entrepreneurs to sell their products in whichever way they want to. In today’s time, creativity shouldn’t and mustn’t be caged, and therefore, there are an array of ways in which a business can attract customers to land on their page. 

A New York-based company, Kimit, has come up with an amazing idea for small businesses, where they let entrepreneurs grow their customer reach by engaging with them via video content. Kimit is the world’s first hybrid short videos e-commerce marketplace that provides tools to sellers they need to create video content without linking to other websites. The amalgamation of e-commerce and social media helps in creating a strong and engaging foundation for entrepreneurs to convince and gain the trust of their customers. 

Now, with technology booming, there are big companies that spend an ample amount of money creating interesting content for their product. However, small companies struggle to create content that can interest people in spite of having some great products. Today, people look for more every time they are interested in buying something online. Therefore, it is always helpful to offer them more engaging content, and therefore, Kimit takes care of it pretty well.

Users can create interesting content through a video to sell their products and offer their services. It’s like, space where the user can describe and give away information about their product by making visuals attractive, colorful, and informative. The more unique the idea is, the better the reach will be, and the easier the process of selling and buying will be. 

The whole idea of bringing e-commerce and entertainment into one space together is to make the whole experience of running a business smooth and successful. The key to sell the product is by making videos that have the potential of going viral, and Kimit is capable of making videos viral globally. 

Kimit,  fills the gap where customers fail to connect with the products that are being sold on e-commerce platforms. It’s like, if buyers are looking for shoes and want to see how it would really look on them, they can look for the product displayed creatively in a video. It allows them to have a better look at the products. The more relatable the video content is, the better will be the shopping experience. 

We are living in a world where young minds are stacked up with brilliant ideas for their business. And the fact that e-commerce platforms have completely changed the way people shop today, allows new businesses to take advantage of it. We spend hours and, in fact, sometimes, days to buy that one product we have been looking for because, at the back of our head, we want to be sure about the product in terms of appearance, material, quality, and durability. 

When e-commerce meets a tool like entertainment or social media, it gives a whole new definition to online shopping for the customers and for growing businesses, bringing them more opportunities and giving them a sense of individuality in this competitive market world.

About the Author

 Staire Kim, the Founder of Kimit, noticed that the focus on the style and emotions of the buyers is missing and decided to fill the gap. Staire wanted to help the younger generation to create their own brands and sell them on a platform that gives them a voice and freedom. After months of ideation and planning, Staire came up with a combination of social media and e-commerce. Staire decided to launch a hybrid platform where buyers can find high-quality products at unbelievable prices, backed by short videos of the products.