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What do inbound marketing agencies do?

The work of inbound marketing agencies consists of developing efficient attraction strategies and optimizing online content to reach the desired target and thus generate long-term assets through achievable goals and objectives.

There are agencies that offer only inbound marketing services independent of other digital strategies. However, there are also advertising and branding agencies that offer full service digital strategies.

All actions that encompass inbound marketing are not the work of one person; it usually requires a team consisting of a community manager, a copywriter, a programmer and a designer, who are specifically responsible for managing the digital communication of the brand. Among the team’s responsibilities are the following:

Content creation: Quality content that responds to the client’s needs.

Personalization: Creation of specific actions to different marketing segments for each stage in the process of interaction with the brand.

Viralization: Leverage the use of networks to make users related to the content find it and spread it.

Web analytics: At the end of it all you have to close with a conversion.

This series of techniques puts the brand on the map of potential buyers and you will be able to follow up on their purchase process. Whatever stage the buyer is in, more than achieving a purchase, the goal is to build customer loyalty.

What services do you offer?

Within the actions involved in an inbound marketing plan, specialized techniques are applied to each stage of the sales funnel:

To attract the target audience and make them find what they are looking for, the following is done:

  • Content Marketing
  • Website
  • SEO
  • Blogging
  • Landing Pages
  • Ads

To convert leads into customers, these actions are taken:

  • Emailing
  • Calls to Action
  • Landing Pages
  • Marketing Automation
  • To measure ROI, methods such as:
  • Web Analytics
  • Total Reach
  • CTR

The conversion funnel will allow us to know what the user needs to advance through the stages and become a brand ambassador.

The inbound marketing methodology as say agencia inbound marketing

The different stages that the buyer goes through in the purchase cycle demand different actions that cannot be overlooked.

Stranger: The aim is to attract or attract a stranger through relevant content that captures their attention and makes them say “I’m interested in this”.

Visitor: At this stage, they already consider the brand and are beginning to build trust.

Lead: At this stage they are already interested and willing to move to the next level.

Customer: Once the customer is acquired, the process does not end: it has to be sustained.

Ambassador: recommends the brand to everyone, using their experience to contribute to the inbound process.

inbound-marketing methodology

What is inbound marketing for?

Inbound marketing agencies work to improve brand visibility in digital media, which will have an impact on online reputation and positioning.

Inbound marketing is a long-term investment that will return in assets for any company.

Benefits can be achieved such as:

Positioning the company as an expert in the sector with valuable content becoming profitable over the years.

Attracting customers through organic and direct channels, independent of payment methods.

Build a database of qualified contacts that will grow over time.

Greater reach and community around the brand.

Reinforcement of branding and presence thanks to a greater number of visits and interactions.

Resource savings through marketing automation processes.

How can you help meet goals?

Shoppers are looking for smart brands that don’t see them as a purchase target only and understand the needs they are going through. Making that connection with the customer is about creating a true bond.

It’s not about who has the broadest portfolio but who knows how to leverage their budget.