What Can You Claim in a Texas Nonsubscriber Cases that You Cannot in a Workers Comp Case?

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If youve been injured on the job in Texas, you need to do your research and determine if your employer is a Texas Workers Compensation Subscriber or a Nonsubscriber. If you work for a Big Box company store or warehouse distribution center, theres a good chance that your employer is a Texas Non-Subscriber.

The Texas Workers Compensation case is an informal claim wherein you have the ability to fight for benefits but you are limited exclusively to what you can get under the workers compensation laws. The Texas Non-Subscriber Compensation case (No Workers Compensation but has an ERISA Plan) is vastly different because its existence is founded on saving money and expenses for the employer and insurance company that they are normally not able to save under the Texas workers compensation program.

Understanding the difference between a Texas Non-Subscriber case and a Texas Workers compensation case is crucial to understanding what rights you have so that you can do what is necessary to:

  • Receive the medical care you need;

  • Receive wage support payments that you may be entitled to; and

  • Hold your employer responsible for any additional damages they may have caused.

In Texas nonsubscriber cases, injured employees have the option to pursue a personal injury lawsuit against their employer. In such cases, there are several types of damages that an injured worker can potentially claim that are not available in a workers compensation case. Click here to learn more about the type of damages that you can claim.

Consider contacting a work accident attorney who can fight for your rights. Sandoval Law Firm was started with three goals in mind:

  • Provide sound legal advice backed with aggressive representation!

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3 Steps you Should Immediately Follow in A Texas Non-Subscriber Case:

  • Report the Injury to Your Immediate Supervisor On the Day of the Incident!

  • Document the Incident (Witnesses, Causes, Equipment Involved)!

  • Request Medical Attention!

The Focus on Customer Service and Individual Attention

When hiring a work injury law firm in Texas to represent you, its important for you to consider how you are treated from the first contact with the firm! Lawyers and law firms are in the customer service industry too even though some lawyers dont realize it. How can you and your family trust a law firm or a lawyer with your case at a time when you are most vulnerable and experiencing high stress without either speaking directly with the person you are entrusting to protect your rights or meeting with them in person! Dont settle for passive legal counsel!

The Attorney-Client Relationship at Sandoval Law Firm, PLLC!

At the Sandoval Law Firm, you will speak directly with me, and I will do my best to earn your trust from our first meeting. I pride myself on being available to discuss your legal issue on the phone or in person, and determine quickly whether we believe we can help you and, if we cant, we will, at the very least, try to offer some guidance to you and your family so that you can continue with your lives with peace of mind, knowing youve spoken to a lawyer who tried to help.

When you call Sandoval Law Firm, PLLC, Ill immediately put my legal experience to work for you! My firm handles all types of personal injury cases. Personal service means, you will be able to talk to me at all phases of your work injury case!

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