What are the top 5 food processors?


Prepare to upgrade the daily chores with uniform slicing, blending and kneading with the best food processor in India. They present the most hygienic way to get the regular works in the kitchen with vegetables, flour, eggs, meat, ice and so on. These are different from the usual blenders as the flat base of the food processor does not need addition of water to finely execute sliced onions, carrots, beetroot, nuts and so on for intended dishes and curries. There is no human contact as your fingertips are free to ready the other stuff required for a blast of tasty meals.

Make this all a reality with the best food processor amongst the wide range of brands. Top five in India have been listed here.

  • Usha FP 3811 which is a 1000W powered, 230 volts operating kitchen appliance with stainless steel blades to cut in almost forty different textures. The speed varies according to the controls displayed by the LED lights. This food processor is quite heavy and even helps to store items in its 3.5 litres bowl capacity. It costs around INR 10300-10500.
  • Bajaj Food Factory FX 11 which is a 600W food processor that comes with a multifunctional stainless steel blade and different jars capable of juicing, grate, cut, mix, grind, knead, create smoothies etc. You can get a set of this masterpiece in the budget of INR 6500-7000.
  • Morphy Richards Icon Superb is a beautiful, multifunctional food processor. It has three speed settings along with a safety lock. Having a 2.4 litre bowl is attractive in its copper colored body inlaid with slicing blade. It comes with 8-11 attachments including jars, spatula and draws its performance from 1000W and 230 volts electric supply. It falls in the range of INR 9415- 9500.
  • Bosch Lifestyle MCM3501M is a sleek and compact natured food processor with efficient blades, powered by a sturdy motor function that can combine hard nuts and other vegetables. It is made of BPA free plastics that offers active storage, attachments and anti-slip feet. Its 1 litre bowl capacity and blades can cut through ice cubes without any delay. Get this model in INR 7800-8000.
  • Wonderchef Nutri Blend Complete is a compact food processor that consumes only 400W, 200 volts of electricity and comes with four polycarbonate jars which are tough in nature. Almost all the functions are met with such as chopping, mixing, grinding, juicing and grinding. It is perfectly affordable with little savings of INR 3700-4000.

All the above are the top notch ones amongst the plethora of the best food processor brands in India and essentially have warranty periods varying in the time periods of 1 to 3 years maximum. The best food processor comes in a variety of sizes, capacities to choose from and flexible settings which are user friendly to aid in easy handling, efficient performance. Prepare the list of your needs to match with their specific jars to arrive on the best food processor brand for customisation of results.