What Are The Functions And Benefits Of Using A Windows VPS For Your Business!

What Are the Functions and Benefits of Using a Windows VPS For Your Business! – As is well known with Windows itself is one of the most widely used operating systems, apart from Linux. Also, there are several other advantages behind using Windows, one of which is that it is easier to use than Linux. The following are some of the benefits and other functions of a Windows VPS, when you use it, especially for business purposes.

Windows VPS functionality for business

As for if you need  windows VPS, for business use, quite a lot, including:

  • Can be used as hosting.

Windows VPS can also be used as web hosting, where the web can accommodate various kinds of data, ranging from images, videos, or other documents. Creating a Windows VPS for hosting yourself is not too difficult, in this case, you have to install ASP.Net / IIS Web Server. But if you don’t understand how, you can ask for help from the provider that provides the VPS. Hosting like this functions almost the same as a memory card on your cellphone, which will store various data according to storage capacity and tailored to the needs of the website.

  • Can be as Active Directory

The Active Directory (AD), is a directory service that exists in a computer network in Windows 2003 or Windows 2000. Besides, its function is as authentication and authorization in accessing existing network resources. Starting from the existing resources on the local network, to the resources to traverse the corporate global WAN network. AD itself also consists of a database and also several directory services that serve to meet the needs of your website. The Windows VPS itself in AD will provide the means to perform centralized network administration. The AD contains several features, such as stability, simplified administration, and open standards. As for the structure, it can be in the form of containers, objects, domains, organization units, trees, and also forests.

  • For server data purposes

Windows VPS itself can also be used as a database server. None other than for management services and application programs with a database, using the customer model. The database management system generally provides the functions of the database server. This depends on the existing Microsoft model. This database server can be created on a VPS using Windows OS, the way is by involving the SQL Server application or also Microsoft SQL Server. If so, you can connect to the existing database, with web hosting that has been prepared in advance. In this case, there are at least 12 types of databases that can be operated on a computer, such as analytical databases, data warehouses, document-oriented databases, and others.

  • Can operate remote desktop

The remote desktop itself is a feature of VPS, especially Windows OS. Starting from Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, to Windows 7 and even 8. Where all the Windows types, will allow users to connect using remote machines or virtually. As the name implies, the remote desktop will use the remote desktop protocol (RDP), and also by default runs with TCP port 3389. So when you use a Windows VPS, you should use remote VPS performance by using Windows Remote Desktop. Because this server will be active for 24 hours and can be accessed anytime and anywhere.

  • Serves as a backup server

Currently, hardware and software systems are specially designed to make it easier for users to access and use existing technology. The data backup is deliberately used, to back up data. The trick is to copy existing computer data, to be stored on a computer or archived. Of course, this is done to prevent damage or loss of data, from a variety of existing problems.

Benefits of a Windows VPS for business

Also, the benefits of windows VPS for the continuity of your business are numerous. Which is sure to make your business run well.

  • Scalability

In today’s fast-paced world, the ability to measure one’s resources is also important. With the help of a Cloud VPS like this, indirectly, your resources will be multiplied. This is also done to save costs, by paying for the resources that are needed. What you need to know, downtime is one of the enemies that generally occurs in online services. With this kind of technology, the issue of downtime is a little forgotten, because the cloud hosting provider can provide a guarantee so that this issue does not occur.

  • Security

The Cloud VPS itself is a container to be isolated for you and your existing resources. When you are on your own, there will be fewer potential interruptions and threats that may occur when doing shared hosting. Currently, almost all hosting service providers in Indonesia implement a strong security system for their users. The result is you will be calmer when using existing services, without being bothered by data theft attacks.

  • Reliability

The Cloud VPS service itself is designed for maximum availability. The result is that you are always online all the time. As is well known, Cloud VPS is a separate entity and is free from interference, which you usually see in a shared hosting environment. This means this cloud VPS will not provide access to share space with other accounts. So that the existing resources, will specifically ensure that the available resources are sufficient for your needs. For those of you who have fluctuating web traffic, this will be the perfect solution.

  • Flexible and easy to configure

The use of VPS Cloud itself will provide users with full root access services. The result is that all existing software requirements and configurations can be tailored to your needs, without worrying about the usual limitations. Besides, you can easily upgrade or even downgrade servers, such as RAM and CPU, anytime, without having to worry about downtime. As for the Windows Cloud VPS device itself, it can be used for various kinds of businesses, which require an online network, such as those of you who sell on a website basis, you who provide information services on a website basis. Or even those of you who trade forex, either manually or even using a robot, better, use this one system.

To obtain the facilities as mentioned above, now is not difficult, considering that there are quite a lot of hosting services available today. But if you want quality, and can provide a definite service it’s not that difficult. Just visit oxtrys.com. Besides, the advantages that will be obtained when using this service are easy, cheap, and practical.