Westlake College Planning & Admission Application, Consultancy Service Updated

As part of its expanded services, the team helps students in the area gain acceptance to their dream college, devising a customized strategic plan for each applicant. Over the past 15 years, College Inroads have been helping students and their families make informed decisions about their future education.

More details are available at https://www.collegeinroads.com

The expanded college planning service is in line with the company’s goal to simplify the college application process for students in Westlake, Texas, and the surrounding areas. College Inroads’ advisory team offers personalized guidance, resources, and support, helping students apply to top-choice colleges and universities across the United States, as well as in Mexico and Canada.

“We provide support to students and families to help find the best possible college at the lowest possible cost,” said Mike Davila, founder of College Inroads. “We partner with families to navigate the complex web of choices surrounding college selection and funding, balancing the needs of the student with the needs of the family.”

The advisors at College Inroads work with students to identify the right university or college by researching them based on their specific academic needs and goals. They also explore scholarship options and assist students in filing financial aid forms to fund their education.

As part of their college planning consultations, the advisors compare schools and universities, research programs and college tuition prices, complete standout applications to increase chances of acceptance, and prepare students for interviews.

College Inroads also help students understand their career goals and provide guidance on the best education path to achieve those goals. They provide expert counseling to help students identify their strengths, interests, and career aspirations.

Using a personalized 16-step plan, the Austin, Texas-based educational consultants help students highlight their strengths and unique attributes when applying to their college of choice. The strategic plan includes application preparation, essay writing, financial aid advice, and career exploration tools.

About College Inroads

With over three decades in the industry, College Inroads has helped over 1,000 students navigate the process of applying to college. Founded by Mike Davila, the consultants continue to help students and their families find an ideal college or university that suits their needs and budget.

A satisfied parent said: “College Inroads is an abundance of resources that was able to organize and make our daughter’s college-seeking process organized and manageable with our busy lifestyle. The staff is personable and detailed, and with their insight, they helped our daughter narrow down her list to the perfect fit for her.”

Interested parties can find more information on the expanded college planning service by visiting https://www.collegeinroads.com

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