Westchester County Bloodshot & Red Eyes Exam: Eye Care Treatment Facility Update

Patients with concerns over red, bloodshot eyes can now book a comprehensive eye examination at Westchester Eyes’ state-of-the-art optometry office. Following a full assessment, the team of doctors can then offer extensive diagnoses and treatment options for any underlying ocular health conditions.

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By announcing the expansion, Westchester Eyes aims to draw attention to the prevalence of underlying eye conditions in the American population. In particular, bloodshot eyes are often a symptom of dry eye disease, a common and often-undiagnosed condition that affects between 16 million and 49 million Americans. However, they can also serve as an early warning sign of other health issues.

The comprehensive eye examinations offered by Westchester Eyes provide a more holistic view of the patient’s overall eye health than a standard visual screening or even exams conducted by other eye care facilities, explains Dr. Rubinfeld. They include an external exam, which evaluates the whites of the eyes, the pupils, the eyelids, and the eyelashes, and an internal exam, which looks at the retina and the optic nerve. The doctors will also test the patient’s visual function, eye pressure, and visual acuity as part of the exam.

For patients concerned about red eyes, Westchester Eyes offers modern diagnostic tests such as InflammaDry, a rapid-result, in-office test that can detect elevated levels of inflammatory markers in tears. Used in conjunction with the TearLab Osmolarity System, which Westchester Eyes also provides, optometrists at the office can accurately determine whether a patient’s bloodshot eyes are a symptom of dry eye disease or whether they are caused by a different health condition.

In addition to their eye exam services, Westchester Eyes also has a dedicated Dry Eye Center for the treatment of dry eye disease. They also offer other eye care treatments, such as neurotrophic keratopathy, glaucoma treatment, and non-LASIK myopia correction.

With the latest expansion, Westchester Eyes continues to provide patients in Westchester County and surrounding areas with advanced diagnostic tests and eye care treatments. The clinic was founded by Dr. Eric C. Rubinfeld, a veteran optometrist with over 30 years of experience in the field.

A satisfied patient said: “Excellent practice. Very accommodating, even with my hectic schedule. Very professional and knowledgeable.”

Interested parties can learn more by visiting https://www.westchestereyes.com

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