Webinar for Emotional Fertility & Spiritual Pregnancy Launched by Vesna Pavlica

A new webinar by Empowered For Pregnancy by Vesna Pavlica provides practical information about the mental and spiritual factors that affect fertility.

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The new webinar offers a natural, holistic approach for women experiencing infertility, recognizing the complex relationship between infertility and psychology. For more than 60% of couples with difficulty conceiving, fertility challenges can cause mental health issues as a result of depression and anxiety. A vital goal of the Empowered For Pregnancy webinar is to explore the mental factors behind infertility.

This new resource helps women identify potential factors that could negatively affect their fertility, and recommends natural solutions. Due to the natural decline in fertility with age, women over 30 may find this information particularly useful.

Vesna shares insights from her own experience dealing with fertility challenges and the significant emotional and physical toll they take. Through the new educational resource, women can overcome past trauma and create an optimal environment for conception, childbirth, and parenting.

“I struggled to conceive, I miscarried, and I know first-hand how hard it can be,” said Vesna. “The knowledge I have gained is of great value, and I intend to share it with other women who are like-minded and understand that we are more than just physical beings. Our bodies are made up of energy, and energy flows within them. We have embodied souls who have come to discover the beauty (and challenges) that life has to offer,” she added.

Women interested in becoming pregnant can use the webinar as a comprehensive first step by addressing both mental and physical factors. The one-to-one fertility coaching sessions offered by Vesna are ideal for anyone looking for personalized fertility help.

Vesna says: “I combine my personal experiences with the knowledge I have gained through different training and continuous research in my work. My approach allows me to help my clients access their inner wisdom more quickly and efficiently.”

More information may be found at https://empoweredforpregnancy.com/5reasons

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