Web Development Job Questions and Their Answers

Fascinating! You have got an interview scheduled for your dream job at a reputed web development company in a reputable firm. But you are still anxious. “What kind of questions will the interviewer fire at me?” you ask yourself.

It’s normal to be anxious before the interview. It can even give you temporary insomnia before you are finally done with the interview. But, if you know what’s coming in the interview, you can be better prepared for it.

You will feel much more confident when walking into the office for the interview. Your quick and detailed answers will impress your interviewer. And you know what happens when you crack your interview? Not only do you get a job but your salary demand is also accepted.

So, do you want to learn what are the most common questions asked to a web developer? If not, we will share those with you here and their answers as well.

Top 9 Web Development Job Questions & Their Answers

1. How did you get into web development?

The answer to this question varies from person to person. I mean there can’t be a fixed answer unless you have memorized a fake story to impress the interviewer. Be honest about your complete journey and motivation behind choosing web development as a career.

2. What are the key responsibilities of a Web Developer?

A web developer’s job is to design and deploy applications, create tests, debug web applications, manage websites on a server, coordinate with designers and fellow members, and troubleshoot problems.

And if you are applying for a senior or lead-level position, you might have to communicate with clients and manage the whole team.

3. What are your technical skills, or languages you have command on?

The answer to this question depends on your skill set, knowledge, and expertise. Don’t lie or brag about them. Generally, you are expected to have a solid command of HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL, and JS.

Your interviewer might also ask you to rate your command on these out of 10, don’t be modest. If you feel you are an expert, tell them you are!

Tip: Check these requirements in the job ad and only apply to the job you qualify for.

4. What’s your experience with coding so far?

If this is your first job, the answer to this question would be in the context of your previous projects, your accomplishments, and how much you have enjoyed working as a developer.

However, if you are applying for a senior role, you’d have to tell them what kind of projects you have done in the past, the complexities attached to them, and everything that reflects your expertise.

5. How many frameworks do you know?

If you’re applying for a senior role, this could be the deal-breaker. Tech firms emphasize a lot on this point because they require developers who are jack of all trades.

Be honest and tell them if you have any experience of working with Laravel, CodeIgniter, and other frameworks. They will find out your level of expertise in the test.

6. What are your best soft skills?

Even though you are applying for a technical job, soft skills still matter. Every company wants a developer who thinks out of the box, is a problem solver, communicates well, and is willing to expand his skillset.

Tell them how you managed similar projects before or an interesting project in which you were tasked to solve a complex problem in a creative way. Be specific and share every detail. Also, tell them how you follow the SOPs of a workplace and adapt to the new culture.

7. How do you keep up with the latest developments in web development?

If you are really passionate about web development, tell them the tech blogs you follow, the communities you are part of or the YouTube channels you follow. If you read books or participate in discussions on platforms like Quora or Stack Overflow, feel free to name those platforms.

8. How do you do testing? And what do you think about this? How would you improve QA?

A web developer tests, tests, and tests until all bugs have been fixed. To answer this question, tell your interviewer which testing tools you use to test, and tools you are familiar with but you didn’t use in your previous job.

They might also ask you to describe the testing phase in steps, what happens in each, and tell the meaning of a certain term associated with testing.

9. How did you learn about our company? What do you know about us?

Your employer might be interested to know how you learned about their company and what kind of image you have in your mind about the company. Tell them as many details as you know about them, this will create a positive impression.

Your employer will understand that you have done your research before applying for this role.


As a web development company in USA, we know job interviews are not hard to crack. All you have to do is prepare for every possible question they can throw on you. Most of these questions would be asked to check your intelligence, character, and your experience. Everything else on the technical side is only evaluated based on your technical test.